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Entry Fees

Entry fees are due at the time of entry and must be paid prior to the first manager/captains meeting of the academic year. Fraternity, Sorority and Res Hall League may pay for the entire semester or year by the first Sports Rep Meeting. Checks, Cash and credit cards accepted. Please make checks payable to USC Intramurals. Yearly fees include 12 reversible USC Jerseys.

Entry Deadlines

Entry deadlines are posted on the Intramural schedule and will be strictly enforced. Teams that do not submit a completed entry form along with entry fees will be placed on the All-University or Women’s waiting list. No Fraternity, Sorority or Hiccup points will be awarded to these teams.



A team must have 80% of the number of players required for that sport to participate, usually that means one less than the maximum number of people allowed on the field at a time from one team. For example, for our basketball league a team would need four players to start the game.

If your team cannot field a team at game time you will forfeit the game and be assessed a forfeit fee. The forfeit fee is $25. Any team that does not pay the forfeit fee before their next game. Will automatically forfeit that next game. If your team forfeits two consecutive games you will be dropped from the league. Being dropped from the league does not mean your forfeit fees disappear, you still much pay the two $25 forfeit fees.

How to Pay Forfeit Fees

There are two ways a team can pay a forfeit fee:

1)  Online, this is the easiest and most practical way to pay. To pay please go to the online store ( log in, click online store. From there, scroll down and under intramurals there is a forfeiting fee. Simply add it to your cart and enter your payment information.

2) In person, at the Lyon Center. To pay in person at the Lyon Center you must go to the Pro-Shop (located to the right and down that hall upon entering) and ask to pay your forfeit fee there. You may pay either with cash or card.


Protest Information

What Can Be Protested

  1.  Use of any ineligible players.
  2. Rule interpretations by the officials.
    Note: you cannot protest judgment calls by officials.


  1. Verbally tell the official and the supervisor that you are OFFICIALLY protesting the game for one of the above reasons. This must be done when the situation occurs, not when the game has ended.
  2. Turn in a written protest to RecSports between 24 and 48 hours after the game. You may submit a written protest to or turn it into the Rec Sports Office located in the Lyon Center.

Withdrawal of a protest

You can verbally withdraw a protest by informing either an official or the supervisor after the game. The Protest will be dropped automatically upon failure to turn in a completed form.

Protest Decisions

  1. Player Eligibility: the alleged illegal player’s status will be checked according to the existing rules and requirements from that player’s affiliation. If the player does not meet the rule requirements, the game will be automatically forfeited by the use of the illegal player.
  2. Rule interpretations: these will be decided by the head of RecSports officials after consulting the rule book, game officials, the supervisor, and (if necessary) the RecSports Protest Board.

Additional protest information:

If at any time protest regulations are not clear, contact the RecSports Director in the Lyon Center by calling (213) 740-5127 or email



  1. All participants must be currently affiliated with USC (students, staff, and faculty).
  2. All participants must complete and sign the official entry form and waiver release.
  3.  Participants are required to have personal health insurance coverage.
  4. No NCAA athlete may participate in an intramural sport that they are a current varsity athlete for.
  5. If a player has not been on a NCAA team for a period of one year they are eligible to participate.
  6. Officially registered at USC for 12 units continually throughout the semester. (Students completing their ninth semester of academic work are eligible if they carry 12 units of new work and are planning to graduate upon completion of that semester. A 10th semester may be granted only if their major requires 10 semesters for graduation).
  7. No social affiliates.
  8. Being classified as a professional or semi-professional in the same or similar sport causes the individual to be ineligible.
  9. A rostered member of a NCAA sport may not participate in that sport or similar sport during the current academic year.
  10. Officially registered at USC for 12 units continually throughout the semester.

Fraternity/Sorority Eligibility

  1. An official and active member of a fraternity sponsored by USC. Roster filed with Residential and Greek Life.
  2. No social affiliates.
  3. New members may not participate until the conclusion of fraternity rush.
  4. See General Eligibility above.

Res Hall League Eligibility

  1. An official member of USC University owned housing; this includes all residents, RA’s, RC’s and AC’s. Roster filed with URSC.
  2. No social affiliates.
  3. In event that two or more entries are permitted, no individual may participate on more than one team.
  4. See General Eligibility above.



The Recreational Sports department stresses that participants display good sportsmanship at all times. The department will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse of opponents or officials, unsportsmanlike conduct or any other inappropriate behavior.

  1. Any ejected player must meet with the Intramural Director within 48 hours. Ejected players face a minimum one-game suspension.
  2. Profanity Policy – Profane, inappropriate language or obscene gestures will not be tolerated in Intramural activities. Intramural officials and Program Coordinators will sanction individuals for such behavior with various penalties based on the severity of the acts. This includes players, coaches, and spectators.


Assumption of Risk

There is a risk of injury associated with participation in any intramural sport, as well as the use of University sports and recreation facilities. In order to minimize these risks, each individual must know his or how own general state of health and well-being, and be able to determine that he or she is physically fit to participate in such activities. It is also the responsibility of each individual to have insurance coverage sufficient to provide for medical or dental services and/or equipment regarding any injury sustained or incurred as a result of participating in the University’s intramural sports program and/or use of the University’s sports and recreation facilities.

Participation in any recreational sports activity is on a strictly voluntary basis. As a result, you should note and understand that the University is not responsible for any injury that may occur to individuals participating in any recreational sports activity, including but not limited to intramural sports event(s) and the use of University sports and recreation facilities, and that each participating individual fully assumes the risks associated with engaging in such activities.