Clubs List and Contact Information

If you would like more information or would like to join a club sport, please contact the specific club(s) using the contact information listed below.
Emails sent to clubs during the summer may have a delayed response time due to the summer break.

Archery Club
Website | Facebook |
Badminton Club
Ballroom and Latin Dance Club
Barbell Club
Baseball Club
Men’s Basketball Club
Women’s Basketball Club
Beach Volleyball Club
Boxing Club
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club
Chaotic 3 Club Website | Facebook |
Cheer Club
Chess Club
Climbing Club Website | Facebook
Men’s Crew
Cricket Club
Cycling Club
Dragon Boat Club
Equestrian Club Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |
Fencing Club
Website | Facebook |
Field Hockey Club
Figure Skating Club
Futsol Club
Gymnastics Club Website | Facebook |
Men’s Ice Hockey Club
Women’s Ice Hockey Club
Men’s Lacrosse Club Website |
Women’s Lacrosse Club Website |
Ping Pong Posse
Polo Club Website |
Men’s Rugby Website | Facebook |
Women’s Rugby Website | Facebook |
Soul Cal Breaking
Men’s Soccer Club Website | Facebook | Twitter |
Women’s Soccer Club Facebook
Squash Club
Swim Club
Taekwondo Club Website | Facebook |
Tennis Club Website |
Triathlon Club Website | Facebook | Twitter |
Men’s Ultimate Club Website |
Women’s Ultimate Club Website | Facebook | Twitter
Men’s Volleyball Club
Women’s Volleyball Club Website Facebook |
Men’s Water Polo Club
Women’s Water Polo Club Website |
Wrestling Team


For general information, please contact RCC President Dan Brereton