Financial Aid

Undergraduate Students

Financial aid for undergraduate international students is very limited. The Financial Aid Office outlines some financial aid options for students, including merit-based scholarships or private financing. They also provide additional website resources that connect students to additional financial aid opportunities that may not be necessarily affiliated with USC.

Graduate Students

The Graduate Admissions Office offers several options for financial assistance for graduate international students. The following topics are outlined:

  • Need-based financial aid and application fee waivers
  • Department fellowships, assistantships and merit-based tuition waivers
  • On-campus jobs
  • Grants, scholarships and financing programs

The Graduate School also provides details on several fellowships opportunities available at USC.

Graduate international students should contact their academic department to find out about additional financial aid possibilities.

Scholarships for graduate students in the Viterbi School of Engineering

On-Campus Employment

On-campus employment is available for both F-1 and J-1 students. However, students should not expect to support their tuition and living expenses through an on-campus employment because positions generally only pay about $8 to $12 an hour. 

Please review the on-campus employment requirements for the appropriate student visa category:

F-1 Students
J-1 Students

USC Payment Plan

The USC Payment Plan gives students the option to pay for tuition, fees, university housing, meal plans, and other miscellaneous university charges in five monthly installments in a given semester. This plan is available in fall and spring semesters only - it is not available in the summer semester. 

The Student Financial Services office provides more details about the Payment Plan, including the application process, enrollment process, payment methods, etc.