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USC Welcome Week Micro-Seminars


Imagine spending time learning about the science of stem cell biology. Or you could learn about nanotechnology. Maybe you like movies and would like to learn more about the film business. You could also attend a session about how to identify fake news. Or if you are new to Los Angeles, you can get an overview of the architecture, arts, and food that await you while at USC.

These are just a sample of the micro-seminars available to you during Welcome Week. Micro-seminars are just that - mini-workshops and small-group sessions that highlight a special topic in a short time. Limited to two 90-minute sessions, these seminars are designed to introduce you to faculty and engage you as new students in USC’s academic environment. They give you a chance to meet one faculty member in an informal setting before regular classes begin. And, to ensure the chance for discussion, the attendance in most seminars is limited to 20-25 students.

Faculty from across the schools and disciplines at USC are leading micro-seminars this August. Do not feel as though you have to sign-up for a micro-seminar based on your major. You can choose from any of the topics available.

All micro-seminars are scheduled over two days during Welcome Week 2018:

There is, of course, no required homework and no grading, but many faculty suggest short advance readings that will add to your understanding of their topics.

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