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Nikki Levy
Las Vegas, Nevada
MPA Policy, Planning, & Development
Career Goals: "After completing my MPA, I plan to get a law degree and practice constitutional law. I'd like to eventually become a judge or run for political office."...
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“I am a Trojan,” is a new university-wide initiative dedicated to creating a common language around our shared values faithful, scholarly, skillful, courageous, and ambitious.

The five traits are engraved on
Tommy Trojan’s pedestal. The
statue was built in 1930 to
commemorate USC’s 50th

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Faithful: Staying true to oneself and loyal to the University of Southern California and its ideals and values.
Scholarly: Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge inside and outside the classroom, through research, free inquiry, and informed risk-taking.
Skillful: Striving for excellence in developing and refining one's talents and abilities.
Courageous: Daring to fight for one's values and beliefs, even in the face of adversity.
Ambitious: Committed to exercising the entrepreneurial spirit in order to make meaningful contributions to society.
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