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Assessment Center
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Welcome to the Assessment Center

Student Union Building

The Assessment Center is charged with supporting the culture-of-evidence within Student Affairs. Dedicated to self-monitoring assessment throughout the institution, we:

  • Facilitate workshops that develop the skills needed to successfully evaluate programs and learning outcomes;
  • Provide access to current research on outcomes assessment, performance measurement, and evaluation;
  • Collaborate with campus partners to advance the practice of outcomes assessment;
  • Fortify the assessment capacity and professional development of campus partners by offering a certificate program.

When we are successful:

  1. Evidence-based decision making will be a routine part of Student Affairs’ operating philosophy and practice such that we exhibit a “culture of evidence.” Most (but not necessarily all) decisions will be informed by data obtained through the assessment process. 
  2. Programs and services will be self-assessors with staff who are knowledgeable and can identify the skills and tools needed to perpetually evaluate program performance.
  3. Staff members, including Assessment Center Committee Members, responsible for assessment will keep their skills up-to-date with regular training.

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