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Why the Student Affairs Assessment Certificate (SAAC)?

  • Directly addresses the Promoting Learner-Centered Education pillar of the USC Strategic Plan
  • Addresses two of the five Division of Student Affairs’ Strategic Initiative:
    • Create a Culture of Evidence
    • Foster and Intellectually Centered Student Culture

Participants who complete the SAAC will be able to:

  1. Perform ongoing assessment of programs and activities
  2. Identify skill and tools needed to sustain assessment
  3. Make decisions based on evidence gained from assessment
  4. Further the assessment body of knowledge and practice throw sharing the assessment experience

SAAC (Student Affairs Assessment Certificate) Requirements

7 workshops total and a Capstone Project:

  • 3 core (3 required)
  • 1 data collection
  • 1 data analysis
  • 1 presenting findings (1 required)
  • 1 Elective
  • Capstone Project

Core Required Workshops (3)

  • Learning Outcomes: Let Your Mission Statement Guide You
  • Developing an Assessment Plan for Your Program & Services
  • Ethics in Research & Assessments

Data Collection Methods (1)

  • Pick a Method:
    • Existing
    • Survey
    • Focus Group/Interview
  • Potential Classes:
    • Data Collection: Review of Existing Sources of Data
    • A Review of Rubrics
    • Develop Survey Items
    • Survey Item Writing
    • How to Use Qualtrics
    • Interviews and Focus Groups

Data Analysis (1)

  • Pick an Analysis:
    • Existing Data
    • Qualitative
    • Quantitative
    • Mixed Methods
  • Potential Classes:
    • Data Analysis with SPSS and Excel
    • Introduction to Interpreting Quantitative Data
    • Qualitative Data Analysis
    • Qualitative Data Interviews/Focus Groups

Presenting Findings (1 required)

  • Presenting your Findings

Electives (1)

  • Potential Classes:
    • CAS Standards and Learning Outcomes
    • Five Favorite Assessment Tools
    • Interpretation of Data and Decision Making
    • The Role of Assessment in Accreditation

*** While 7 workshops are required to complete the certificate, you are welcome and encouraged to take as many workshops as you would like. ***

Capstone Project: Complete an Outcomes Assessment Project and present to the Assessment Committee

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