Disability Services and Programs (DSP)
Testing Accommodations Evaluation


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Testing Accomodations  

8. I adequately discuss my accommodation needs for tests with my professors or department/s when I share my accommodation letters with them and discuss my testing needs..

9. I feel my professors and teaching assistants are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to my testing needs..

10. Exams requiring only extended time should be accommodated independently by the professor, TA, or academic unit..

11. DSP should be physically located in an office with space better designed for my testing needs (more individual rooms, computer stations, and a conference room for testing)..

12. As a student, I read through the testing information online and understood all of my responsibilities regarding testing accommodations..

13. Future noise resulting from the destruction of Topping Student Center in Summer 2008 and construction of the new student center will negatively impact DSP testing in the Student Union building. .

14. I am satisfied with how the testing accommodations staff interacted with myself and those involved (Professor and Dept s) regarding my testing needs this semester..