Disability Services and Programs (DSP)
DSP Services Evaluation

Please rate the following :  
The accommodations I was awarded were useful.

I am able to meet or get in contact with a Counselor when needed.

I can easily discuss my concerns with a Counselor.

DSP policies and procedures are clearly understood. (If not, please indicate below how we can communicate these procedures more clearly).

My disability related needs have been met by DSP.


Are you aware of the following resources / services made available to you at DSP?  
Assistive Technology
Meeting with DSP Counselors at any time
Advocacy with faculty members
ADHD Support Group
Occupational therapy (problem solving, organizing, planning, etc.)
Learning disabilities support (ex: Meeting with a Learning Assistant)
Psychological support (ex: Meeting with staff or an MFT intern)

Are you aware of other Center for Academic Support services?  
Learning Assistants (1:1 assistance)
Workshops (test taking, time management, etc.)

Do you feel your documentation and request were reviewed in a timely manner in relation to our 2-3 week standard?

Have you had any problems with...
DSP Counselors?
Exam Staff?

Please share your thoughts on the new online system.
Being able to login to view/edit my information is helpful?
The ability to print my own accommodation letters improves the registration process for me?
The layout and organization of the website is clear and makes things easy to find?
Overall, I am happy with the new online system?