A number of services are available to student organization through Campus Activities.

The Scheduling Office is located in the Tutor Campus Center (TCC) 330. They assist student organization with reservations for most of the campus including classrooms, outside venues, banners, and display cases.

Email & Websites 
All recognized student organizations are eligible to receive an email address and website. Instructions to obtain an email and website address or change the name of the account owner, click here.

Involvement Fair
During the first week of Fall & Spring semesters, Campus Activities sponsors an Involvement Fair where all recognized student organizations and departments are invited to showcase their organization, activities, events, and recruit new members. Over 450+ organizations and departments participate each year. Reservation forms for student organizations are available a few months prior to the end of each semester online.

The Fall 2015 Involvement Fair will be on Wednesday, August 26, 2015. It will be held on Trousdale Parkway and Alumni Park from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm.

An example of the list of participating organizations can be found here: Spring Involvement Fair List

Student organizations and departments may check-in and begin setting up their displays at 9:30 am. Each student organization/department will be given three feet (half of a six foot table) and one chair to display and/or distribute information. Please note you will only receive one chair – do not steal chairs from other tables. The tables will be pre-assigned. You will not be permitted to move tables from assigned locations. All solicitations must take place from the tables – no one is permitted to wander the fair passing out information. Tents and other equipment will not be allowed. Diagrams for fair are required to be submitted in advance to the LA Fire Department for approval.

Reservation forms must be submitted by 
5:00 pm on Friday, May 15, 2015
For questions call 213-740-5693.

Leadership Workshops 
The Peer Leadership Consultant Program sponsors leadership workshops and seminars throughout the year. These workshops are designed to help students learn about leadership, enhance their skills, discuss concerns, and help make student organizations and their leaders more effective and successful. Workshops can be designed to meet the specific needs of an organization. For more information, please contact the PLC office at 740-5341 of USCLEAD at 740-1477. 

Mailboxes are not available at this time due to our office's relocation in preparation for the new campus center.  However, you can have mail sent to out office and we will file it for your organization to pick up.  The address is:

University of Southern California
Tutor Campus Center 330
Attn: Your Organizations Full Name
3607 Trousdale Parkway
Los Angeles, CA  90089-3103

P.A.C.E - Portable Adventure Challenge Elements 
Want to do something new and creative to build your team Give P.A.C.E a try! This unique low ropes course is designed to challenge individuals while also building a strong team. It is a wonderful experience for any group. For more information, please contact your PLC.

Resource Files 
Looking for information about fundraising, recruitment, time management, delegation and other topics Visit the Resource File located in the Peer Leadership Consultants office. Pick up an informational handout on all types of leadership topics or, for additional information, talk with a PLC at (213) 740-5341.

Student Organization Consulting 
The Peer Leadership Consultant Program provides consultation services to entire organizations and individual students. If an organization is experiencing a certain problem, come to the PLC office for assistance. The trained consultants will provide strategies to help alleviate the problem. In addition, the PLC's also work with individual students to find solutions to their leadership or organizational concerns.

Student Organization Events - NEW GUIDELINES/POLICIES 
For student organizations looking to hold events on campus, you must consider the following policy updates.

Dance and Outdoor Events
Dance Policy Planning Booklet: This booklet includes guidelines regarding issues such as attendance by non-USC individuals, security requirements, ticketing, entrance/access control, marketing efforts/ publicity restrictions and ID checks. Additionally these guidelines set forth the procedure to address violations of any event planning policies and guidelines.
Strengthened the event approval processes for student events in facilities and venues under the Division of Student Affairs (Effective immediately all student events are now reviewed and approved by the Senior Associate Dean of Students.)
Ban on use of all promoters (event planners are ok).
All event requesting to exceed the time and date limitations in the Social Events Policy will need to be reviewed and approved by the Senior Associate Dean of Students (In consultation with the Vice President and the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs)
Helpful Classification Grid: Use this as a measn to identify the type of event you are having.

Events Involving Minors
Online Course: Link to the online course instruction HERE. Once completed, would you will need to keep the certificate onfile.Read Information & Preview Videos: Be sure to review the information found on the Office of Equity and Diversity website regarding protecting minors in the workplace.
Register Your Event: You will need to register your event with the Office of Equity and Diversity.
a) The name and contact information for a point person associated with that program (Should be the advisor and the student in charge of the event).
b) Some general information about the program (Is it an after school program? Summer camp? Year-round program?)
c) Whether it is a USC program, or a program run by a third-party administrator, but taking place on the USC campus.
Desk Procedures: Every program working directly with minors will need to demonstrate they have desk procedures in place describing instructions to their staff in event they receive a complaint or information that may lead them to believe there may be a concern regarding inappropriate behavior. These procedures could be as simple as making sure that the staff answering phones know what information to request, and what to do upon receiving a report of suspected abuse. Attached is what Student Affairs has produced. Becasue student organizations are under Student Affairs, the desk procedures developed by Student Affairs can be used to guide questions and concerns.
Background Checks: They are free for USC. For background checks, you may want to contact Shamae Smith from Employee Recruitment. Shamae can be reached at 213.740.7252
All other questions/information can be directed to the Office of Equity and Diversity,

Student Organization List 
A complete list of student organizations and contact information can be viewed online at

Student Organization Listserv 
CA designed a Listserv to help student organization publicize their upcoming events. Every organization's contact person is subscribed to the list automatically, but other students can add themselves at anytime. A message goes out once a week on Monday morning to avoid irritating our subscribers. Messages should be limited to 100 words per organization. An organization may post a message simply by sending the message to All messages should be received by 7:00 am the Monday of posting.

To subscribe to the list, students should send their name and email address to

Student Travel Information
Students and student organizations travel a good deal during the course of an academic year for various reasons.  The following forms have been established by the Department of Risk Management and Student Affairs to assist with liability issues associated with student travel.

Please click on the following link for access to:

  • Student Off-Campus Trip Guidelines
  • Alternative Transportation Waiver (to be used when students do not use University sponsored transportation)
  • Assumption of Risk for Events not Sponsored or Supervised by USC
  • Agreement and Release from Liability for Off-Campus Site Visit (transportation provided)
  • Student Organization Travel Form

Letterhead, Business Cards, and Other Forms 
Sponsored student organizations may order University letterhead, envelopes, business cards, fax forms, and mailing labels with organization specific information. The student organization or its' sponsoring department may cover the cost of these items. All forms needed to order such materials can be downloaded from Purchasing's website.

Office Space 
Office space for student organizations is currently not available.  Space for student organizations will be in our new campus center!