The Center for Religion and Civic Culture's Interdisciplinary Research Group, USC Office of Religious Life, USC Archaeology, USC School of Cinematic Arts, and USC Spectrum present 

Brannon Braga: Out of This World

RSVP at School of Cinematic Arts: Brannon Braga.

1/30/2013 | 7:00 PM
Ray Stark Theatre

The writer, director, producer of hundreds of Star Trek classics and numerous other creative shows on TV, including the new Cosmos, which Carl Sagan premiered years ago, will come to USC to talk about how he creates narratives in popular formats about topics as fascinating and diverse as thinking into the past about origins, knowing things about the future and living into it, communication with non-human entities that we often reflect on as having attributes of the divine, communication beyond the final frontier, and much more.

This promises to be an exciting and *not at all typical* conversation with someone who has been successful by any Hollywood standard and remains thought-provoking.

Additional information about Gavin Scott, Diane Winston and the CRCC Interdisciplinary Research Group is available at the event page:  School of Cinematic Arts: Brannon Braga.