The USC Office of Religious Life and YELLITAARE, in association with USC Spectrum, present 

Tales from the Sahel:
An Evening with
Baaba Maal

10/8/2011 | 8:00 PM
Bovard Auditorium

"I think the musicianís role is to give advice, to warn people, and to make them aware of what they might not have thought of themselves." - Baaba Maal

One of the true stars to rise from the African continent, Senegalese master musician Baaba Maal has been making music for the world to enjoy for nearly two decades. Renowned for his fiery vocal performances and his musical fusion of western sounds with the traditional beats and melodies of West Africa, Baaba Maal has earned immense critical acclaim and has continually reinforced his role as a seminal artist in the world music arena. His work has also extended beyond music and into the realms of humanitarian spokesperson through his role as youth emissary for the United Nationís Development Program and his outspoken stances on HIV/AIDS in Africa, the growing role of women on the continent and his support of youth-based initiatives to help Africa move into the new millennium.

Before the musical performance, Baaba will be sitting with renowned music journalist and author Chris Salewicz to discuss his personal experiences growing up in Africa and traveling the world, his views on issues facing Africa and the African diaspora, as well as other assorted issues of the day.

This will be a unique and intimate event, an evening full of surprises.

"Maal is a marvelous performer to watch." - VARIETY

"Baaba Maal is one of the finest singers in the world." - THE GUARDIAN

About Yellitaare

Yellitaare is a non-profit organization that uses the medium of film and other technologies to address a variety of social justice and human rights issues to peacefully provoke audiences to participate in dialogue and encourage individuals to engage and become advocates for social and political change. The vision of Yellitaare is to help transform the African-born person into a citizen who is conscious of his or her rights, who desires to banish violence, intolerance, war, ethnic and religious conflict and who embraces civil and political rights. Yellitaare seeks to educate African-born citizens to make informed economical, social and cultural decisions allowing them to be proactive solutions to the current state of Africa and who ultimately, through hard work and education, make a profound impact on the rebirth of the African continent and her people.

Yellitaare, meaning empowerment in the West African language of Fulaani, through its work strives to reduce the spread of HIV and meet the challenges of AIDS, shape public policy to promote and implement a true culture of democratic governance, contribute to an equitable and peaceful Africa in which women are equal partners with men in determining values, directions and governance of society, preserve and protect Africa's terrestrial and marine environments, and protect and promote justice for low-income immigrants by defending their legal status.

Tickets are $40 for the general admission.

USC students can purchase tickets online for $10.