The Performing Arts Committee and USC Spectrum present 

The Gregory Brothers

October-22-13 | 7:00 PM
Bovard Auditorium

Harnessing the powers of the internet, celebrities and autotune the Gregory Brothers offer a unique, fresh, and forwardthinking perspective on how to combine music, technical savvy, and humor to reach millions. Hailed by the The Village Voice as “unlikely salvagers of our modern digital wasteland,” the Gregory Brothers are at the forefront of digital and social media. Please join us for an evening of conversation about the artistic and technical process of producing humorous videos that address the current zeitgeist.

Heralded by Rachel Maddow as “contributing something very important to American culture” yet somehow simultaneously praised by Glenn Beck as “absolutely fantastic,” The Gregory Brothers unique, satirical YouTube series Auto-Tune the News has caught the ears of the world.  And it’s not just Beck and Maddow that are listening.  Since their videos went wildly viral, The Gregory Brothers have spoken on the Today Show, Google ZeitGeist, MacWorld, GEL, and inked a deal to create a pilot for Comedy Central.

Since 2009, Michael, Andrew, Evan and Evan’s wife Sarah have created hit songs out of non-songs.  Using the popular studio software, “Auto-Tune,” they turn public speakers into pop singers.  The great - and the not-so-great - orators of our time serve as their muses, unwittingly lending their words to The Gregory Brothers’ satirical song-smithing. Such hits as The Bed Intruder Song, The Double Rainbow Song and many other ‘Auto-Tune the News’ installments - all created in a little Brooklyn two-bedroom apartment - can now be heard around the world. Their greatest hits have been seen over 100 million times, and The Bed Intruder Song was the first YouTube video to ever crack BillBoard’s “Hot 100.” It also won the "Best Viral Original" award from Comedy Central in April 2011. In 2012, they won yet again, this time a "Best Viral Video" award for their auto-tune spoof Winning.

Masters at the art of social media and marketing, The Gregory Brothers offer a unique, fresh, and forward-thinking perspective on how to combine music, technical savvy, and humor to reach millions.
The Gregory Brothers have been featured in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Wired, and have collaborated with T-Pain, Joel Madden (of Good Charlotte), Weezer, and Sufjan Stevens.