USC Experience Survey

  • This survey - sometimes called the Census Survey or the Engagement Survey - has been given the past two spring semesters (2009 and 2010). Follow the links below for data and research reports.
  • The survey was developed here at USC by a committee that included researchers in Student Affairs and the Provost’s Office, as well as faculty members in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences and the Rossier School of Education.
  • Student engagement, in terms of participation, involvement, and perceived growth – both inside and outside of the classroom is one primary component of this survey.
  • Besides engagement, we measure student satisfaction with academic and social components of student life, as well as with student services and facilities.
  • This survey is designed so that questions targeting specific groups of students (transfer students, first generation students, etc.) can only be asked of those students while also allowing for other survey items to be asked of the entire pool of respondents. In 2010, for example, international students were asked a small set of supplemental questions, in addition to seeing the core items that all students saw.
  • Seniors receive a supplemental set of approximately 20 questions each year; although the bulk of the engagement survey was developed in-house, these supplemental items originate from the AAU Data Exchange, of which USC is a participant, and primarily address the future plans of soon-to-graduate seniors.

Experience Survey data tables and detailed research reports are available by following these links:

2010 Experience Survey

Data: All students

Report: Interdisciplinary Engagement

Additional reports available soon

2009 Experience Survey

Data: Non-seniors

Data: Seniors

Report: Survey Highlights

Report: Would students make the same decision to attend USC?