Below are some relevant links relating to institutional research, higher education assessment, survey construction, and specific surveys.

Professional Organizations for Researchers

Association for Institutional Research (AIR)

AIR is the primary professional organization for institutional researchers. More broadly, it is of interest to anyone using data to make decisions in higher education. Individuals from USC's Division of Student Affairs, the Student Outcomes Research office, and other USC offices often present research at the annual AIR Forum.

Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE)

This organization of scholars has the goal of promoting higher education as a field of study.

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

This professional association of educational researchers spans the entire educational spectrum, from preschool to K-12 to postsecondary education. Among its 12 divisions is one focused on postsecondary education. Individuals from USC's Division of Student Affairs and the Rossier School of Education often present research at the annual AIR Forum.

Research and Data Consortiums

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

IPEDS is the primary repository of data for colleges and universities in the United States. Over 6,700 institutions, including USC, report data to IPEDS. Data includes numbers of students enrolled, number of degrees, graduation rates, and information on school budgets and staffs.

Association of American Universities Data Exchange (AAUDE)

Over 60 institutions, including USC, participate in this exchange, in which data quality and usability is promoted. Also, by providing more detailed data, each participating institution can then receive more detailed data from other universities. The senior component of the USC Student Engagement Survey includes questions developed by this exchange.

Multi-Institutional Survey/Research Programs

Higher Education Research Institute (HERI)

In addition to promoting and conducting quality higher education research as part of UCLA's Graduate School of Education, HERI is the publisher of several student surveys, including the CIRP Freshman Survey, currently used by USC.

Multi-Institution Study of Leadership (MSL)

This ongoing, multi-university study addresses leadership development in students. Over 40 institutions currently participatew.

Student Experience in the Research University (SERU)

This research program, led by the University of California, aims to address the unique experience that students have at large research universities. Nine UC schools and seven other public universities currently participate.

National College Health Assessment (NCHA)

This survey, administered by the American College Health Association, is given each year by over 100 universities. At USC, the survey is administered by USC Health Promotion and Prevention Services (HPPS).


Additional USC Links

Assessment Center

This valuable resource provides assessment-related workshops, consultation, and resources to programs and offices. Led by USC's Division of Student Affairs, its membership also includes professionals from various academic units at USC.

Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis (CHEPA)

Part of USC's Rossier School of Education, CHEPA has a goal of improving postsecondary education throgh quality analysis of significant issues and policies.

USC at a Glance

Basic data about USC's history, organizational structure, and current population can be found here.