Frequently Asked Questions

What does your office do?

  • We collect, analyze, and report data concerning USC students. Although surveys are the primary means of data collection, we also conduct interviews, analyze historical data, and lead focus groups.
  • Our surveys and analysis plans evolve over time, incorporating feedback from researchers, faculty, and other staff. We also try to meet the changing needs of our constituents.
  • We serve as a consultant and resource in testing, research, survey design, and assessment for the Division of Student Affairs and for other USC colleagues.
  • We support and promote an institutional culture of assessment, accountability, and continual improvement.
  • We present data at various meetings on campus, both within and outside of the Division of Student Affairs.

How can I make a data request?

Please complete the data request form, available here. The link provides details on what kinds of requests we process, what the expected timelines are, and how to ensure that all information needed to process a data request is available.