University of Southern California USC Student Affairs
Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start booking for my meetings and events?
Reservations are accepted according to the following time table:

  • For FALL SEMESTER Meetings and Events
    • Recognized Student Organizations can submit requests starting April 1st
    • University Departments can submit requests starting April 16th
    • Open Reservation Period begins May 1st
  • For SPRING SEMESTER Meetings and Events
    • Recognized Student Organizations can submit requests starting September 16th
    • University Departments can submit requests starting October 1st
    • Open Reservation Period begins October 16th
  • For SUMMER SEMESTER Meetings and Events
    • Recognized Student Organizations can submit requests starting February 1st
    • University Departments can submit requests starting February 16th
    • Open Reservation Period begins March 1st

How can I make a reservation request prior to the first allowable booking date?
Annual Events can apply for Annual Event Early Booking Status via the Annual Event Early Booking Application available here. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by a committee. Approved events will be allowed to request venues one year prior to their event date. Approval of an application does not guarantee venue availability. Applications are accepted based on the following criteria:

  • History of the event
  • Benefit to the USC Community
  • Necessity for Early Planning

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cash (for payments under $300), all major credit cards, internal requisitions, cashier’s checks and money orders.

How do I request a classroom?
If you are a student organization -  fill out a Classroom Request at least two weeks before the reservation.  If you are a department, please contact Classroom Scheduling directly. Please note that due to the changing academic schedule, classroom requests made for dates in the first four weeks of each semester will not be confirmed until a day or two prior to the event date. Weekend and evening (after 7pm) requests may be confirmed sooner if availability permits.

What do I do if the classroom (outside of TCC) is locked?
Call DPS at 213-740-6000 and show them the confirmation email you received for the space. They will let you in.

What do I do if my meeting room in TCC is locked?
Call 213-821-7822 and someone will assist you.

How do I make a change to my classroom reservation?
If you have a received a confirmation email with a reservation number,  fill out a Classroom CHANGE request. If you have not received a confirmation yet, write an email to requesting the change.

How many days am I allowed to book advertising for?
Student organization are limited to 10 days of advertising a month.

How do I cancel my reservation?
Cancellations for tables, classrooms, and advertising requests need to be made in writing at least two days before the event. For Bovard, Grand Ballroom, Ground Zero, Tommy’s Place, and Outdoor Events all cancellations need to be made four weeks in advance. TCC Meeting Rooms must be cancelled two weeks in advance. Send cancellation requests to

What is the amplified sound policy?
Monday- Friday amplified sound is allowed from 12-1pm. Amplified sound is allowed outside of these times all day Saturday and Sunday and Friday after 7pm. No two events can have amplified sound at the same time.

Can I bring my own table to Trousdale if they are all booked?
No, you cannot set up your own table on Trousdale Parkway. You can however, be put on a waiting list for a table that was never picked up by an organization. To do so, visit the Campus Center Main Lobby in Sample Hall on the day you want the table and write your name on the list. If a group does not pick up the table by an hour after their reserved time, then the table is released to the people on the list.

Where can I get tables and chairs for my event?
You can request tables and chairs for your event through Facilities Management Services - fill out exactly what you need on the FMS Checklist. FMS can be reached at Requests for tables and other services must be made at least two weeks in advance of your event date. You can also make a request from any approved event services vendor such as Classic Party Rentals, ELM, LA Party Rents or Town and Country.

Where can I post my fliers and banners?
Fliers can only be posted on designated bulletin boards around campus, in classroom buildings, and residence halls. If fliers are found elsewhere, (such as on the windows of a building, statues, kiosks, brick, the ground, bike baskets, etc.), the organization responsible will be fined $1/ flier.

Does Ground Zero Performance Café really have a secret menu?
It’s a secret.

What is a Division 5 permit?
It is a permit you need to be filled out and turn in if your event contains at least one of the following.
• Open flame.
• Tents, canopies, or membrane structures with an area larger than 450 Sq Ft. More details as to how an event with such should be set up and the actual permit can be found at

Who are the University approved caterers?
USC does not have an exclusive catering contract with any one vendor. There are several entities on campus that can cater your event including USC Hospitality Services and the University Club. In addition to that, many outside food vendors are approved by the University for catering. To find out if your preferred caterer is approved please contact Purchasing Services at 213-740-2281. If you would like to request approval for a new food vendor please contact Erika Chesley in USC Hospitality Services at 213-740-5956 for details.

Can I schedule a time to view a room at the Campus Center with a Production Manager?
Yes you can! Please email the Scheduling Office at with your availability to book a walkthrough of the room you wish to view.

I know it never rains in Los Angeles, but um, what if it rains and I have an event booked outdoors?
True, it never rains in Los Angeles. However, if you’re really worried about it, the best thing to do is book a backup indoor location well in advance of your event date. If you find it’s raining on a day you have a table or outdoor space booked, please come check in with the Scheduling Office. Every attempt will be made to move your event to an indoor space or to reschedule (pending availability of dates/times/locations). Please keep in mind, if the University, at its sole discretion, must cancel an event due to circumstances out of its control, including without limitation: weather, loss of power, fire, terrorism, casualty, labor strike, or other occurrence which renders the impossible the fulfillment of and terms of this Agreement, the Purchaser shall have no right or claim for damages against the University. The University is not obligated to refund rental or staffing charges nor to reschedule the event.

Can I have elephants at my event?
Sadly, no. We cannot approve elephants at events. A smaller petting zoo is a maybe, with proper health and safety permits, but don’t get your hopes up on anything bigger than a goat.