University of Southern California USC Student Affairs

A band performs at Ground Zero Performance Cafe

VKC Courtyard 

Bovard Auditorium 

Trousdale Parkway

Tommy Trojan is the most popular outdoor location for student orgnaization events.

Daedelus performes the first DJ set in Tommy's Place

Tommy's Place hosts free live music and events.  Come find out whats going on tonight!

Tommy's Place is USC's newest concert and club venue.

Tutor Campus Center Room 352

Alumni Association Board Room

Tutor Campus Center Room 301

The Rosen Family Screening Theatre

Tutor Campus Center Room 227

Queen's Courtyard

McCarthy Quad

Bovard Auditorium hosts over 400 events annually.

Hahn Plaza 

Ground Zero Performance Cafe

Ground Zero Performace Cafe

Herbert Plaza

Bovard Auditorium 

Founder's Park 

EF Hutton Park is home to many theatrical performances and concerts each year.  

Bovard Auditorium Green Room

Crocker Plaza

Bogardus Courtyard

Trojan Grand Ballroom

Tutor Campus Center

Argue Plaza

The Shiny Toy Guns perform in the Trojan Grand Ballroom as part of the Tutor Campus Center's Grand Opening Celebration in August 2010.

The Forum is one of Tutor Campus Center's most popular locations for luncheons and lectures.