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2017 USC Spirit Leaders


YEAR: Senior
MAJOR: Broadcast Journalism
HOMETOWN: Riverside, CA
Anissa’s favorite memory as a Spirit Leader was having the opportunity to participate in the Rose Bowl Parade last year, and of course WINNING the game!


YEAR: Senior
MAJOR: Communication
Keren’s favorite Spirit Leader memory was beating SMU at March Madness 2017. The USC men’s basketball team won by one point (66-65) and it was so intense, down to the last second. “I remember being on the court jumping with joy as we advanced to the next round!”


YEAR: Junior
MAJOR: Interactive Media & Game Design/Physical Sciences
Ace’s favorite memory as a Spirit Leader was 4th of July weekend at Catatlina Island with teammates Adam, Mallory, and Keren. “The parade was fun to watch and perform in, and the best part was exploring the island with my fellow Spirit Leaders! From relaxing on the beach to walking around the town, it was a great bonding experience.”


YEAR: Sophomore
MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering
HOMETOWN: San Fernando Valley, CA
Adam’s favorite memory so far as a Spirit Leader was at the football match against Texas… “Texas posted seven, giving us a three-point deficit with 45 seconds to play. The Trojans marched and scored a field goal, and I went crazy. I screamed and ran to the first row of Trojan faithful in the student section to join the celebration. In double overtime, when USC split the uprights for the win, I simply held up my arms, awash in the euphoria of a stadium of 93,000 (minus some Texas fans) healing after an 11.5 year injury.”


YEAR: Sophomore
MAJOR: Public Policy and Political Economics
HOMETOWN: Pittsburgh, PA
Dillon’s favorite memory as a Spirit Leader was celebrating his birthday in Tulsa, OK with the team during an amazing March Madness tournament!


YEAR: Freshman
MAJOR: Film and Television Production
Gerardo remembers this year’s RecFest as his favorite Spirit Leader memory. “We were all throwing the football at the net and missing terribly but having such an amazing time together and supporting one another!”


YEAR: Senior
MAJOR: B.S. Business Administration/ B.A. Economics
HOMETOWN: Ilsan, South Korea
Jackie’s favorite Spirit Leader memory was walking onto the field at the Coliseum for the first time during Spring Game 2017, and experiencing the passion and dedication of Trojan football fans!


YEAR: Sophomore
MAJOR: B.S. Music Industry
MINOR: Music Production
Josh’s favorite experience as a Spirit Leader is seeing the faces of young Trojan fans light up when they lean over the side of the stands at the Coliseum and receive a high-five from a real-life Spirit Leader.


YEAR: Sophomore
MAJOR: Civil Engineering Building Science
HOMETOWN: Turlock, California
Julia remembers USC Football vs. Stanford as her fondest Spirit Leader memory. “Nothing can ever compare to the overwhelming feeling that I had looking up into a sea of Cardinal and Gold at the Coliseum for the Stanford football game; the fact that tens of thousands of people had united in support of one cause, one cause that I was a part of, was the most humbling feeling in the world. The Trojan Family is alive, well, and thriving. FIGHT ON!”


YEAR: Freshman
MAJOR: Accounting
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA
Kristian’s favorite memories include marching from campus to the Coliseum before football games and chanting together as a team, and the USC vs. Texas football game. “The moment when the ball passed through the uprights to beat Texas in double-overtime…the crowd went wild, I went wild, the football team went wild, it was an absolutely incredible moment!”


YEAR: Sophomore
MAJOR: Computer Science Business Administration
HOMETOWN: Fort Worth, TX
Mackenzie’s favorite memory as a Spirit Leader was the USC vs. Texas football game. “Cheering on the Trojans, and encouraging the crowd alongside the players through the last 30 seconds and double overtime in the sold-out Coliseum made for an unforgettable win.”


YEAR: Junior
MAJOR: BFA Theatrical Design and Production,
MINOR: Animation
Mallory’s favorite Spirit Leader memory was experiencing the excitement at the USC vs. Texas football game. “Nothing will ever compare to cheering on the Trojans in double overtime with the cheers of the student section echoing in the coliseum around me. One of the best moments of being on Spirit was getting to lead cheers and watch as the Fight Song played third chorus and the entire student section was a wave of arms rising up and down in unison after the kick that won is the game. It’s also a sweet victory personally having lived in Austin myself and getting to see us defeat the Longhorns.”


YEAR: Senior
MAJOR: English
HOMETOWN: Riverside, CA
“My favorite memory as a Spirit Leader was the USC vs. Texas game, the feeling of looking up into the crowd as we had just won the game was something that I could have never imagined. Seeing the whole school come together as one was truly a remarkable thing to be able to witness from down on the field.”


YEAR: Sophomore
MAJOR: Communications and a minor in Comedy Performance
HOMETOWN: Gloucester Township, NJ
“My favorite Spirit Leader memory was performing a rally at Lake Tahoe. USC fans and alumni took over the whole beach and afterwards we all ran into the lake with our uniforms on!”


Piper is a USC Alumna with a background in cheer, dance, and theatrical performance.


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