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    USC Spirit Leaders are energetic, athletic, and enthusiastic students who proudly represent the University of Southern California.


    The USC Spirit Leaders are an integral part of school spirit at all Trojan athletic events. The Spirit Leaders are a co-ed squad responsible for leading stadium wide chants and increasing crowd participation at Trojan football, basketball, volleyball, water polo, soccer, lacrosse and baseball games.


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If you would like to join the USC Spirit Leaders please visit our Tryout Information page. If that is the case, we are excited that you would like to become a part of this unique Trojan Spirit experience.  Becoming a Spirit Leader will be one of the most memorable and engaging experiences you can have at USC. However, this position requires time, energy, and dedication.  Next to academics, it will take priority over all other events including, fraternity/sorority events, social activities, work, and other related activities.  You will be required to attend Spirit Leader functions during weekends, holiday breaks, and over the summer, but you will walk away with treasured memories and experiences that no other involvement on campus can replicate.

Spirit Leaders are an integral part of the USC experience and we look forward to meeting you!  USC Spirit Leaders travel to all football games, home and away, plus we attend all other sporting events including volleyball, baseball, water polo and more – we support all of our teams with the same vigor and spirit each time!

2015 Spirit Leader Tryout dates see Tryout Info for more details:

Official Schedule:
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 (11:59 pm) – Applications Due

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 (3:00 pm) – Interviews and Tryouts (Lyon Recreation Center)
Thursday, December 4, 2014 (3:00 pm) – Interviews and Tryouts (Lyon Recreation Center)



If you appreciate the dedication and hard work of the USC Spirit Leaders, and would like to show your financial support, please consider making a pledge or a gift. While the Spirit Leaders are primarily funded by the University, donations are vital to continuing the growth of the program.

Donations have been used to help defray the rising costs of travel, uniforms, and equipment. Any gift or pledge can greatly help the Spirit Leaders maintain an enthusiastic environment at all Trojan athletic events.


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