F45 @ USC

F45 is a 45 minute fitness class that consists of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) focused on cardio and weight training. It utilizes “functional fitness” exercises designed to help you develop stability and mobility in 6 main body movements: squat, lunge, hip hinge, upper body pushing, upper body pulling and rotation.

The exercises target building muscle and creating a leaner phsyique!
F45 will add to your fitness regime by helping you to:

  • Build Strength
  • Improve cardio respiratory and cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase Speed
  • Enhance Agility
  • Gain Flexibility

No workout is ever repeated, so you are sure to stay engaged in the class!

SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS: F45 on your phone | F45 on your computer 

To sign up for F45 classes: click here

Please note: All participants must have a Lyon Center membership and USC Fitness Group Exercise pass to attend. To sign up for a pass visit the Rec Sports membership portal. Once you get a day pass or fitness class pass you will be able to sign up for the classes in imleagues.com or on the imleagues.com app.

What do you need to do / know to reserve your spot in F45 classes?
All class participants must have USC Gym membership and a USC Workout Fitness Pass.
Visit www.imleagues.com/uscrecsports to sign up/create an account.
Click the “Create Account” button and follow the instructions.
Now that you have have created your account, click the “Fitness” tab along the top third of the page.
Once you’re on the fitness page, click “Calendar” and the class schedule will come up.
You may have to advance a week to see the upcoming classes using the arrows, or you can click on today and it will show you the current week you are in which runs from Monday to Sunday.
When a class is open for registration, there will be a green “Sign Up” button next to it. Click the button next to the session you want to attend. There will be a number to show you how many spots are left. If a class is closed, it will allow you to add to the waitlist.
After you select that button, it will take you to the “Sign Up” page. The button is at the bottom of the page.
Now it will take you to the Waiver Page. Click the check box on that page.
It will open the “accept” window.  Click that button.
Below that, USC students, staff and faculty must input their correct
USC 10-digit ID number. Alumni and guest users should substitute their 10 digit phone number in this box.
You will have options for session reminders and an optional check box for a link to the imleagues app. The app makes it easy to sign up, cancel and get reminders after you have the account set up.
When you have input that info, click the blue “Sign Up” button and then you will be sent a confirmation email.
Other things to note:
All classes start promptly at listed start times. The F45 door will be closed upon session start and no late entry is permitted.
Users on the waitlist will be added up until 2 hours before a session.
Missed classes without a cancellation prior to class will be blocked from signing up for F45 upon the 3rd miss. Classes can be easily cancelled on the website or via the app.
If you invite a friend, which we strongly encourage, imleagues.com will not have new pass member information uploaded until the following business day. Please contact us about bringing a guest in advance if it is for a day pass only.
Please reach out to us with any other questions at recsports@usc.edu!