Class Descriptions

Not all classes listed are offered every semester


Barre classes begin with a warm up focusing on postural strength and alignment, followed by a series of upper body exercises using light weights. The ballet barre is used to sculpt the lower body, abs and for flexibility training.

Bombay Jam

Bombay Jam incorporates dance cardio and toning routines into one action-packed total body workout with energizing music that is a blend of Bollywood and mainstream Top 40 tracks. The cardio routines incorporate basic, easy to follow dance fitness moves full of Bollywood flair, and the toning segment focuses on sculpting long, lean muscles. In just one class, you can burn up to a whopping 800 calories! No dance experience required.


This boxing class will work your whole body and mind. Our boxing trainer will lead you through rounds of different punches and combos.  You will receive a high level of cardio, muscle strength, sharp reflexes and a focused mind.  Boxing gloves and wraps are required.  Please bring your own gloves and wraps, as there is a limited amount for check out at the pro-shop.

Cardio Dance

This dance cardio fitness class is open to all levels. Each week focuses on a different dance style including jazz, hip hop, contemporary, African, and funk. No dance experience required.

Hip Hop Cardio

Learn new moves and combinations that go along with chart-topping songs while getting a great workout! Instructors will break for different intensity levels, while strengthening muscles and boosting cardio endurance. No dance experience required.

Mat Pilates

This mat-based workout is designed to help participants develop leaner, longer-looking muscles, establish core strength and stability, and heighten mind-body awareness. Props may be incorporated to add variety.

Muscle Conditioning

This workout combines cardio on the floor or on the aerobics step with strength training exercises using body weight or hand weights. It is a great way to incorporate strength training and cardiovascular training.

MixxedFit Dance

MixxedFit is a people-inspired fitness program that combines explosive dance movements with bodyweight toning. We play all genres of music and our moves are repetitive and easy to follow. Everything we do is explosive!

Queenax Circuit

This format is designed to give a full-body, athletic, functional workout. The Queenax Circuit includes high-impact, high-intensity, and challenging suspension training exercises. 


This fun class improves cardiovascular endurance and lower body strength as by cycling through a simulated outdoor terrain combining hills, sprints, and other drills. SCycling varies speed, resistance, and body positions for all participant levels.


This workout utilizes a system of suspended straps with handles, allowing the user to work against their body weight as they train. This interval-based class will keep the heart rate elevated as while transitioning between cardio and strength intervals to exercises on the TRX straps to develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and core stability. Class is limited to 16 participants. For more information about the TRX system, please see the company’s web page here.


Challenge the mind and body with yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation. Dynamic, flowing posture sequences will build strength and flexibility.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt incorporates hand weights and high-intensity cardio bursts to maximize your calorie burn. The hand weights add a new challenge to traditional yoga classes.


Latin and international music and dance come together for a dynamic and effective fitness class. No dance experience is required- just keep moving! Routines combine fast and slow rhythms that tone, sculpt, and inspire.