Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports Program is one of the most popular undergraduate and graduate student activities at USC with more than 9,600 participants. USC students compete against other USC students in a less structured format than club sports, ranging from one-day tournaments to six-week leagues. Intramural sports promote physical fitness, competition, social interaction, and student involvement.

Both group and individual sign-ups are accepted regardless of skill level. Tournaments and leagues are open to all students, faculty and staff (alumni may play in summer leagues only). Be sure to check with your RA for the Res Hall League or find your fraternity or sorority sports representative and let them know that you would like to join the team. Other leagues include All-University, Women’s and Coed. Participants signing up as individuals will have the opportunity to join a pre-existing team or form their own team.

To register yourself and your team, go to

Hiring Officials

  • If your student organization or group needs to hire our officials please contact Jason Moran for all requests.
  • All requests must be submitted two weeks in advance.
  • Please provide the following information: date, time, event, location, and sport.