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Here are a list of Parent Programs frequently asked questions:

About USC

What is the Trojan Family?
Why are USC athletic teams named "Trojans?"
What is Tommy Trojan?
Who can I contact with questions/concerns?


Where can my student purchase textbooks?
How does my student choose what classes to take?
How can my student become more involved in class?
How are academic advisors assigned?
Who can I talk to about my student's academic performance?
What are the General Education Requirements that my student must fulfill?
How can I get information on my student's grades? Can I access my student's academic record?
What can I do if my student is not doing well academically?
What happens if my student fails a class?


How can I change my mailing address to ensure that I receive mail from USC?


What are the ways to be involved in sports in addition to USC team membership?
Where can I find out the score of an athletic event?
Where can I find more information about athletic recruiting and NCAA compliance?

Clubs & Organizations

My student wants to join a campus club- how can I find out more information about it?

Counseling Services

My student's roommate has an eating disorder. What can we do to help?
My student seems depressed. What types of resources does USC provide to help?


How can I order a birthday cake for my student?
Can I have food delivered to my student’s residence hall room?
My student lives off campus. Can an on-campus meal plan be purchased?
Is there a company that delivers meals to USC students?


How does a student know if he or she is eligible for financial aid?


When is graduation?
Where can I find out more information about preparing for graduation/commencement?
When should I make my travel arrangements and book my hotel room for commencement?

Health Services

If my student is sick, is there a meal delivery program?
Where do students go to access health care when the Student Health Center is closed?
What if my student becomes ill or is experiencing problems and needs to take a leave from school for a semester or more?
How can my student find a dentist?


What if my student does not get along with a roommate?
My student's residence hall was missing furniture at move-in - how can we resolve this?
What is the process to apply for campus housing?
My student would like to store items over the summer. Are there storage companies close to campus?
When does my student need to be moved out of University housing?
Should I purchase Personal Property Insurance for my student?
My student is going out of the country for an internship. Is there a good shipping method for their excess luggage?

Parental Involvement

How can I become involved at USC as a parent?
What are some of the campus programs and resources that USC parents should know about?

Parking & Transportation

Is public transportation available?
My student would like to rent a car. What are their options?
What is the most convenient, short-term parking option that is offered?
Where can I park when I visit campus?
My student's car is not registered in the State of California. Can my student bring their to campus?
Is there anywhere my student can park their car during the winter recess?
Are there any transportation options to LAX besides taxis and airport shuttles?


What is a TrojanAlert?
What is Campus Cruiser?
What happens if there is an earthquake or other disaster?
What if there is a crisis situation or emergency on campus?
What is Trojans Care 4 Trojans?
What is the Department of Public Safety?

Student Experiences

How can my student find a part-time job or internship while at USC?
We live overseas and are not able to see our student during the holidays. Are there programs my student can participate in during the holiday season?
Is there someone I can talk to about my student's USC experience?
Are there opportunities for my student to access exercise facilities on campus?

Trojan Family Weekend

When is Trojan Family Weekend?

USC Community

Where can my student shop in the USC area?
Where are some local places to eat?

Visiting Campus

How can I arrange a tour of campus?
What hotels are located near the USC campus?
What places can I visit while I am in Los Angeles?
Where can I get a map of the USC campus?
Where can I dine while I am in Los Angeles?