I Cannot Attend Orientation

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I Cannot Attend Orientation

I Can't Attend Orientation

New students are expected to attend an Orientaiton session.  If extenuating circumstances prevent you from attending, you may register as unable to attend.  Students will be contacted by thier academic advisor to set up an advising and registration appointment.  

Access the link below for our Orientation Welcome Brochure.  This brochure has the information you need to assure you are completing the necessary steps for registration.  You will be contacted by your academic advisor to set up an adivsing appointment but the below document will also give you the contact information for you to reach out on your own.

Fall Welcome Brochure will be coming soon.

We are sorry you will not be able to attend Orientaiton but we look forward to seeing you in August and encourage you to go to our Welcome Week site www.usc.edu/welcomeweek for important Welcome Week information and opportunities.