Grocery Stores

University Village (UV) is directly across the street from UPC and has a food court, Superior Grocers, and small service shops. There is also a Fresh and Easy at the corner of Figueroa and Jefferson, and a Ralph’s north of campus at the intersection of Vermont and Adams. Students can take either the Metro Buses 794 (red) or 204(orange), or Ralph’s courtesy shuttle that drop students back at UPC.

Items for Residence Hall or Apartment

The USC Bookstore is much more than a bookstore. In the fall, in addition to stocking standard school supplies (i.e. pens, paper, and notebooks) and class-specific supplies (i.e. scientific calculators, lab materials and art materials), it also has residence hall and apartment items such as bed sheets/linens, pillows, mattress pads, comforters, and bathroom items (i.e., towels and shower caddies). The Bookstore also stocks items for storage and room organization.

Students can purchase household items at stores like Walmart and Target, although the closest locations to UPC are within driving distance. For immediate needs and smaller items, take the 200 metro bus north from UPC that goes up Hoover/Alvardo Streets. At the Wilshire stop, there is a 99 Cent Only store and a few stops beyond a Ross and a Dollar Tree store at the Maryland stop. The closest department store is Macy’s department store at the intersection of 7th and Flower. Take either the DASH F or the Metro 81.

Shopping Malls

There are currently no shopping malls within walking distance to UPC but ask current USC students for recommendations of where to buy items such as clothing and gifts.


Most students purchase used furniture from current USC students or buy from local stores the area. IKEAWalmart and Target are also popular options. Additionally, there are informal listserves to buy/sell items such as Los Angeles Craigslist and the Google group that can be joined by setting up a Google account.

Pharmacy/Drug Store

Most students fill their medical prescriptions at the USC Pharmacy on the first floor Student Union. There is also a CVS Pharmacy at the ground level of Gateway Student Housing on the corner of Figueroa and 32nd Street. Other pharmacy/drugstores include Walgreens and Rite Aid.

Laundry/Dry Cleaning

Washing machines are available to students in all on-campus housing facilities; however, some students prefer to have their laundry picked up, washed, and return for a fee. Many students use Soapy Joe's Laundry Service.