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Generation Queer (GQ)

The Generation Queer Emerging Leadership Retreat (GQ) (est. 1997) is a weekend retreat for first year and transfer students. At GQ, participants identify their leadership abilities and learn how to utilize their talents to better LGBT equality on campus and for the greater LGBT Community.  Participants are selected from a competitive group of students and selection is based on their previous involvement within the USC community, leadership potential and motivation to get involved with campus activities in the future. Participants are nominated by staff, faculty and peers, but students can also self-nominate.




What you will learn

  • Participants will analyze at least one invisible and visible aspect of their identity that will affect their leadership abilities.
  • Participants will identify a motivational factor to create change on campus for the LGBT community.
  • Participants will identify at least three LGBT programs, services and student organizations of interest to them.

The 2015 GQ Emerging Leadership Retreat is being scheduled now for late March/early April 2015. GQ is co-sponsored by the Queer & Ally Student Assembly (QuASA) and the LGBT Resource Center.