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Welcome! Are you interested in discovering new aspects of who you are, finding connection and community, and moving forward on your personal goals? The USC LGBT Center’s Peer Mentoring Program is your ticket to success in all of these areas!

Our mission is to help students develop a positive LGBT identity while successfully adapting to life at USC. College can be overwhelming at times, whether you are a freshman or a graduate student. Peer mentors are here to support you in a safe, caring, one-on-one relationship while you work on your personal, social, academic, career, and lifestyle goals.

Our peer mentors represent a wide variety of majors and personal backgrounds. What our mentors all have in common is that they have comfortably integrated their sexual and gender identity into all facets of their student and community activities and roles. Mentors are here to help you explore your personal interests, take advantage of campus resources, and find your own sense of community.

What We Value

Meaningful goals
Empowerment through action
Nourishing relationships
Taking the next step
Openness and inclusiveness
Respect for self and community

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I came out in December and life has changed a lot since then. It has taken me time to accept who I am. I feel that everyday I get a step closer to understanding what it means to be gay.
-Karan, mentee
My first meeting with my mentor was meaningful because I was, for the first time, able to talk to someone within the LGBT community about my sexuality – something which I hadn’t done before.
-Karan, mentee
I came out my sophomore year. I told my close friends and family. Since coming out, I have had better quality relationships and friendships. I have had more self-confidence and I am more at ease.
-Craig, mentor
I recommend the mentoring program because no matter where you are in life, it’s always good to know that someone is there for you, looking out for you, and trying to “teach you the ropes” about something you may have little or no knowledge about. Start early! Don’t wait! This is a great program and you want the most time you can get with it.
-Joseph, mentee
I came from a very conservative place in Texas. I was always popular – but that was because of school-related activities and stuff like that. I never really felt like I was being an honest friend to anybody because it was so taboo to be gay where I came from that I couldn’t bring myself to come out in high school. I’m most proud of just letting go of those inhibitions and becoming my own person and being proud of who I am.
-Chris, mentee
Culturally and ethnically, we all know that homosexuality exists all over the world. It’s so great to have one culture – being the LGBT culture – being comprised of so many different people from so many different places. It gives me a great sense of a larger world.
-Armen, mentor
I definitely recommend the mentoring program. It can build some really strong relationships. You’re going to meet a lot of friends. You’re going to meet a lot of people that are in the same boat. You’re going to be able to go and do events together. And then also having your mentor! People that have already been where you are and have a different sort of insight than you do.
-Cathy, mentor
I would definitely recommend the mentoring program to another student. Once you come out then you want to be part of an environment and want to be around other people who are out and can help you. I would also recommend it because it’s just fun and I like meeting new people.
-Syndi, mentee

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