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Similar to the coming out process for gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals, the coming out process for transgender individuals is unique and different for everyone and at USC we attempt to take a personal approach to assist with one's transition.



Gender Neutral Restrooms at USC

How to Manage Transition in the Workplace

Actions Tips for Allies of Trans People - Adopted from Trans@MIT

Brown Boi Project

Stages of Transition & Transgender Terms

Transgender Terms

Transgender Web Resources

Transgender-Friendly Medical Resource Guide in Los Angeles

USC's non-discrimination policy, which includes sexuality and gender identity/expression

Transgender Coming Out Resources

Human Rights Campaign's A Guide to Being You for transgender individuals

PFLAG's Transgender Network - PFLAG's Welcoming Our Trans Family and FriendsOur Trans Children and Coming Out as Trans

I Think I Might Be Transgender Advocates for Youth publication for questioning transgender youth

Respect Confidentiality

While some transgender people disclose their transgender status to friends, family, and co-workers (or any combination thereof), some do not disclose that information. It should not be assumed that because a few people know of an individual's transgender status that the individual has shared this information with others. At the LGBT Resource Center, we recognize and respect that choices around disclosure are complex, and will be unique to each individual and their situation.