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Queer in the Other Europe

2/26/2014, 7:00 - 9:00 PM ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives 909 West Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles

LGBTQ culture in Eastern Europe was transformed in the liberal post-Soviet era. Today, a turn toward reactionary political and religious ideologies is threatening the recently found freedom of queer Eastern Europe. A two-part series will explore queer culture, activism and contemporary histories in the region.

When Communist regimes fell across Eastern Europe, a widespread sense of social optimism inspired many LGBTQ groups to push for greater equality and visibility. Subsequent right-wing insurgencies and a turn toward fundamentalist religious traditions have thwarted LGBTQ social movements and led to harsh repression of gay-pride parades, street protests and political theatre. A panel will examine this turn of events in a number of Eastern European contexts, including Poland, Hungary and Russia. Anchored by Polish scholar and curator Pawel Leszkowicz, the panel will explore how transformations in Eastern Europe affect LGBTQ issues and communities around the world.

Pawel Leszkowicz is an art historian, academic and independent curator specializing in contemporary art and LGBTQ studies in Poland and the United Kingdom. He is the curator of the exhibition Ars Homo Erotica (2010) at the National Museum of Warsaw and author of the accompanying catalogue. He has written four books: Helen Chadwick: The Iconography of Subjectivity (2001), Love and Democracy: Reflections on the Homosexual Question in Poland (2005), Art Pride: Gay Art from Poland (2010) and The Naked Man: The Male Nude in Post-1945 Polish Art (2012). Leszkowicz is currently a visiting research fellow at the University of Sussex and is working on a comparative study of LGBTQ rights and art in the UK and Poland.


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