LGBT Resource Center
USC Student Affairs

Beyond Your Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) & Rainbow Floor Open House

9/5/2013, 6:00 - 7:00 PM Tutor Campus Center (TCC) 350/351/352

Were you or did you want to be involved with your high school Gay Straight Alliance? Attend this workshop and learn about the diverse LGBTQ and Ally student organizations, Queer and Ally Student Assembly (QuASA) events and the LGBT Resource Center programs/services.  Afterwards, everyone is invited to a Rainbow Floor Open House for free dessert and refreshments on the Rainbow Floor. 

More information:

LGBT Resource Center: The LGBT Resource Center is a department within the University Division of Student Affairs that provides support, education, and advocacy for LGBTQ and Ally students through signature programs and services.

QuASA: QuASA is the umbrella organization representing many LGBTQ and Ally student organizations. QuASA meetings are dedicated to exploring and addressing the needs and programming interest of queer students on campus.

Rainbow Floor: The Rainbow Floor is a special interest residential community that provides support, education and advocacy opportunities for LGBTQ and Ally students. It is a residential community in which students develop leadership skills and make long-lasting friendships.