LGBT Resource Center
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Ally Discussion: USC STI & HIV Reality Check

2/7/2013, 12:00 - 1:00 PM Tutor Campus Center (TCC) Room 351/352

At this discussion, local Los Angeles HIV activists Milton Smith and Grissel Granados will address current statistics/rates for HIV infections among young people as well as the rationale for these statistics.  In addition, they will propose strategies on how faculty/staff members can support recently diagnosed students and present general education about preventative measures, local resources and potential physician care for someone who is positive.  This topic is extremely important due to an increase in HIV positive students at USC.  Milton Smith is Project Director for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Connect to Protect Los Angeles and Grissel Granados (USC Alumnus) is the HIV Testing Services Coordinator for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Risk Reduction Program.


Sponsored by the USC LGBT Resource Center.