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Grad Jobs
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Greetings Prospective Applicants!

Thank you for your interest in working at USC in a graduate position or assistantship.  This website will allow you to apply for several graduate positions and assistantships offered by the USC Division of Student Affairs as well as some other select campus departments.  Please note that USC does not have a central location for graduate students to apply for graduate employment. This website is directly responsible for only those positions that are offered by the Division of Student Affairs. These part-time positions are open to any incoming or current USC graduate student, however two conditions exist:

  • Candidates who may receive preference are those who are applying or enrolled in the Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs (PASA) or Educational Counseling (EC) graduate program within the Rossier School of Education. Many of these positions prepare students for professional positions within the field of Student Affairs.
  • Due to course load or internship requirements, some positions may not be available to candidates who are enrolled in particular programs. Each employment opportunity description has clearly outlined these expectations.

How to Apply: If you have read the two above statements, and agree that you would be a good candidate for these graduate employment opportunities, please follow the checklist below:

  • Candidates must complete an application for graduate employment through this website which includes successfully submitting demographic information, resume and cover letter.
  • Candidates must indicate interest in specific graduate employment positions. The application is entered into a database which the employers will review, according to which applicants have indicated an interest in the opportunities their department is offering.
  • Candidates should be aware that indication of interest does not guarantee an interview with the employer.   Interviews will be determined by application review and position availability.
  • February 2, 2015: This is the primary deadline for the initial screening of applications. Applications will be accepted after this date, however for priority consideration will be given to those who submit all requested materials by this date.
  • Be sure to watch for a confirmation email that the application has been received and entered into the database.

Other Important Information:

  • Applications will be considered until all positions are filled. Additional openings frequently occur throughout the spring and summer, and occasionally during the academic year. 
  • The Division of Student Affairs centralizes this process by gathering candidate applications throughout the day independent of Preview Day. Each department may conduct their own selection process and phone interviews outside of Preview Day as some employers do not attend this event. Please use the contact information provided on each position description for specific questions regarding a position.
  • Should you have questions about this process, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this website. If you do not find your answer, please send an email to:

Preview Day: Friday, March 13, 2015: Preview Day is a collaboration between USC's Division of Student Affairs and Rossier School of Education.  Preview Day allows admitted applicants to the PASA and EC programs (within Rossier) to learn more about their graduate programs and also allows these individuals to interview for available graduate positions and assistantships.  Preview Day is open to admitted PASA and EC graduate students who have done the following:

  • Submitted a complete application through this website
  • Submitted a complete application to a USC graduate program (test scores, transcripts, recommendation letters, etc.)

After you submit an application via this GradJobs website: 

  • Invitations to attend USC Preview Day will go out on a rolling basis to admitted PASA and EC students. RSVPs will be due within a few days of receiving an invitation.  Please note that invitations to Preview Day are not coordinated by individual employers, but through the Rossier School of Education.
  • If invited to Preview Day, applicants will receive their interview schedule via email at least two days before Preview Day.
  • Once Preview Day is over, offers for employment will begin to go out in mid-March. Please note that offers are made from individual offices and are not coordinated through the Grad Jobs website.

Thank you for your interest in graduate employment opportunities within the USC Division of Student Affairs. We look forward to your application!