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SOS (Save Our Selves) is a USC student-run organization established in the Fall of 2006 in response to the tragic loss of one 19-year-old Brother and member of the Trojan Family, allegedly at the hands of another 19-year-old Brother. Recognizing we face a state of emergency, SOS provides bi-weekly forums that bring awareness to the issues threatening the African American Community. By coming together to collectively combine intellect and experience, we seek to discover practical, everyday steps we ALL can take to combat these issues and help Save Our Selves. Understanding we can't do this without God, but God won't do this without us, we take a PROACTIVE approach to issues plaguing our Community to effect social change. SOS also sponsors 1-2 events each semester that encapsulate the ideas developed in our meetings. If we LOVE, LEARN, and WORK together, we can RESTORE our African American Community and help Save Our Selves. 1LUV

For more information about Save Our Selves, please contact Jonathan Conway at or, or visit their website at

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