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The Campus Center Team ensures the safety, security, and comfort of all visitors to the Campus Center!

From greeting President Nikias on his way to his Dining Room, assisting Half-Century Trojans with directions, to setting up a banquet for a special event in the Ballroom, being part of the Campus Center Team will place you in a dynamic work environment which aims at providing opportunities for your professional and personal growth!

If you're interested in joining the Campus Center Team, please review the following position descriptions, download and print the Application For Employment from the link at the bottom of this page, and submit the completed application to TCC 421.

Responsibilities of all Campus Center positions:
1. Serve as an Ambassador for USC and the Campus Center
2. Ensure safety, security, and comfort at the Campus Center
3. During the Fall, work on Game Days as Game Day Ambassadors providing guest services to Game
Day guests
4. During finals, work Study On! shifts when the Campus Center is open 24-hours for study
5. Perform other duties as assigned

Requirements of all Campus Center Team Members:
1. Punctuality and strong time management skills
2. Ability to maintain a professional appearance as a representative of USC
3. Strong problem solving, organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
4. Strong knowledge of the USC campus, programs, and services
5. Ability to work independently and use good judgment
6. Attend team meetings, trainings, and workshops

Position Descriptions:
Position | Campus Center Consultant
Position Type | Student (work-study strongly preferred)
Wages | Rate starts at $8.00 an hour
Time Commitment | Campus Center Consultants must work a minimum of 10 hours per week

Campus Center Consultants (CCCs) provide guest services primarily at the Main Lobby of Sample
Hall at the Campus Center. They serve as the public’s main point of contact for the Ronald Tutor
Campus Center. CCCs are responsible for greeting all guests of the Campus Center in a polite manner,
answering phone calls, and answering questions regarding USC and campus life. CCCs also provide
access to meeting rooms and Student Organization information tables on Trousdale Parkway.

Position | Campus Center Associate
Position Type | Student (work-study strongly preferred)
Wages | Rate starts at $8.00
Time Commitment | Campus Center Associate must work a minimum of 10 hours per week

Campus Center Associates (CCAs) duties include assisting in the opening and closing procedures
of the Campus Center, ensuring that all building operations are in working order, and supporting
programs and events through room and audio-visual setups. CCAs also assist with outdoor setups of
USC Vendor Spaces, Student Organization information tables, and stage risers at Tommy Trojan.

Qualified applicants will be notified via email if they have been selected to be interviewed and will be
provided further instructions on how to proceed with the hiring process.

Download Application For Employment

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