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Funding Sources

Welcome to the Funding Sources page, your guide to getting funds for your student organization! There are specific funds available for Undergraduate Student Organizations and Graduate Student Organizations, as well as Additional Sources available for both.  Additionally, if you’re co-sponsoring an event with a graduate or undergraduate student organization, you may be eligible to apply for their funding sources as well—don’t forget to check!

Find out more by clicking the links below:

  • Undergraduate Sources
    • Academic Fund
    • Discretionary Fund
    • Leadership Fund
    • Philanthropy Fund
    • Professional Fund
    • Program Board Co-Sponsorship

  • Graduate Sources
    • Joint Programming Fund
    • Discretionary Fund
    • Volunteer Fund

  • Additional Sources (available for both Undergraduate and Graduate Students Organizations)
    • Weekend Signature Event (Sponsored by Campus Activites)
    • P.A.L.M. - Purchases At the Last Minute (Sponsored by Campus Activites)
    • University Residential Student Community (Sponsored by URSC)
    • The Lightbulb Fund (Sponsored by the USC Stevens Center for Innovation








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