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1,000 for $1,000—A Million Dollar Campaign for Student Scholarships

Your investment becomes an important investment in diversity at USC.  This campaign is included in the The Campaign for the University of Southern California, and assists in funding BAA Annual Scholarships.  Our goal is to raise $1 Million total for new annual scholarships awarded by 2020!  This campaign could result in actual awards to students of $3 Milliion dollars when distributed (due to matched awards with the USC Office of Financial Aid).  Think of it: an increase of 1,000 new scholarship awards to USC Black students!

Join your fellow Trojans in supporting a USC student for less than $100 per month!  It is one of the best investments you can make, and your contribution will be matched on a 2 to 1 basis—So your $1,000 becomes a $3,000 award! (2:1 match occurs for a maximum of $1,000 awarded to an undergraduate student).   Donors will receive website recognition, a Named Scholarship when awarded and a certificate of appreciation from the USC BAA. Please call Michèle Turner, Executive Director at: 213-740-4734 to contribute, pledge or answer any questions.


BAA Endowed Donors and Named Scholarships

After 40years, BAA endowment principals collectively total over one and a half million dollars!  Our goal is to continue this growth, so that the BAA can support more students, and can provide greater award amounts in the future and in perpetuity. The BAA especially recognizes the gifts of alumni, in the form of endowed contributions, which have provided an increasing foundation for BAA scholarship sustainability.  An endowment is established with a minimum $100,000 pledge commitment.

There are several ways to establish endowed scholarships. Surprisingly, you do not have to donate $100,000 in outright cash to contribute right now! We accept pledges over a five year period typically, utilizing life insurance policies, estate gifts, and of course direct contribution. The BAA and the USC Office of Advancement will work personally with you and your family to establish an endowment to honor your alumni legacy. Please call Michele Turner, Executive Director, directly at: (213) 740-4734.

BAA Endowed Donors:

Ebonics Endowment Fund: Originally established in 1984, this fund includes scholarships named for BAA Founder Rev. Thomas Kilgore, Coors Brewing Company, Ray Calvin Thompson (established by USC staff member Pamela Wallace Thompson in memory of her husband), and Gregory C. Watson. This fund is the largest of the BAA endowment funds.

Jean D. Lightfoot & Howard P. Drew, Jr. Family Endowed Scholarship: Established in 2005; named for undergraduate students majoring in the field of Political Science or Public Policy, or for continuing students who are members of the USC Track and Field Team. The original pledge was $10,000.00 and has been exceeded through reinvestment over time.

Joan Green Fuselier Endowed Scholarship: Named for Joan Green Fuselier—daughter of noted alumnae Faye Jackson—established to assist women in communications, journalism or those who are returning to school. This scholarship is awarded to students at a sophomore level or above. The original pledge amount was $20,000.00, and has been exceeded through interest investment over time.

Sarah Finney Endowed Scholarship: Established in 2002 by alumna Sara Finney Johnson. This scholarship is awarded to students pursuing degrees in Journalism or Communications. The original pledge amount was $20,000.00, and has been exceeded through reinvestment over time.

LaVerne Fuller Endowed Scholarship: Established in 2007 by alumnus Leonard Fuller, in honor of his mother LaVerne. Len Fuller, an accomplished businessman, is also a former USC Trustee and former USC General Alumni Association President.

Adam Herbert Endowed Scholarship: This pledge was established in 2006 by alumnus Dr. Adam Herbert, Jr., President Emeritus of Indiana University. The scholarship is for undergraduate students majoring in the fields of Public Policy, Political Science or International Relations.

Bowens-Foggie Family Endowed Scholarship: This scholarship was established in 2005 by alumnae Jackie Bowens, Vice President & Chief, Government and External Affairs Officer, Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC. The scholarship is offered for undergraduate students majoring in the field of Public Policy or Political Science.

Faye A. Williams Endowed Scholarship: Established in 2010 by Dr. Faye Williams; Dr. Williams has been an on-going donor to the BAA for several years. Her endowed scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate students.

Charlie and Veronica Williams Endowed Scholarship: Established in 2016 by alumnus Carl Beverly in honor of his grandparents.  This endowment will award undergraduate women students with a 3.0 gpa and higher.

Sandra Evers-Manly Endowed Scholarship Fund:  Established in 2016 by alumnus Sandra Evers-Manley. 


BAA Named Scholarships:

In addition, the BAA receives scholarship contributions on an annual basis, such as the following:

  • The Fred Fox Music Scholarship—established in 2016 by alumnus Alan Fox; $10,000.00 to a selected music student each year.
  • The Bridge Scholarship—established in 2016 by alumnus Carl Beverly; a $4,000 award to benefit undergraduate students;
  • The Six Friends Scholarship—established in 2014 by six alumni who wish to remain anonymous.
  • The Pinnacle Scholarship—established in 2013 in memory of Dr. Michael Preston by his family and friends. 
  • The Marcellus and Margaret Cole Scholarship—established in 2012 by Michele Cole in honor of her parents.
  • The Harold and Nell Washington Scholarship Fund—established in 2012 by Michel Washington in honor of her parents.
  • The Perseverance Award—established in 2009 by alumnus Myron Curlee.
  • The Sandra Joyce Williams Scholarship—established by alumna Onna Burrelson in 2005;
  • The Barbara Solomon Memorial/USC Black Faculty and Staff Caucus Scholarship—established in 2000 in honor of the remarkable Professor Barbara Solomon, a cherished faculty member and leader at USC.