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Recruitment and retention of Black students is of critical importance to the USC BAA legacy. Please find the following useful information:


Current Freshman Profile:

Please refer to the profile as a guide. It is most useful for comparable academic performance of your child versus the incoming class. The Freshman Profile indicates student GPA information, class distribution regarding ethnicity, and School enrollment.

**If you are BAA alumni parent, we are happy to review your child’s transcript by email, and provide feedback. Please note that our input would not constitute any type of admissions decision by USC, nor any decision by USC. Our service is for the purposes of information only. Please email us at:, with your name and “Transcript Review Requested” in the subject line. We will respond within five business days.


Transfer Planning Guide:

If you choose to transfer, the Transfer Planning Guide makes determining the courses that you should take easier to understand. In addition, please refer to the articulation agreements suggested for your institution.


Financial Aid Planning:

USC offers financial aid both from Federal, state and private sources. To assist your financial aid planning specifically for attendance at USC, please refer to the information found here.  Please note all deadlines--specifically for the USC BAA Scholarship deadline of December 1st, if you are a new or continuing student.


Suggestions for Success:

  1. Begin “college prep” early—USC is referred to as a Tier 1, Research University. As such, admission is extremely competitive—but not impossible given adequate preparation and perspective. Students: you must persist in hard work and focus. Parents: you must also prepare to be the “coach” that encourages hard work, focus, and discipline. Our objective is that you not only gain admission as an option, but that you can persist, and graduate, finishing competitively for wonderful career entry and opportunities!
  2. Tutor, Tutor, Tutor—a key necessity. Do not hesitate to utilize student support resources: friends, professionals, teachers, counselors, etc. Learning how to ask for help, and listening to constructive teaching is a primary tool for a young student to learn to use for their academic advantage.
  3. Test, Test, Test—always needed. Great community service involvement will not get a student admitted to USC without great grades and test scores. College boards scores are important, so take early preparation opportunities seriously.
  4. Find the fun and passion of what your interest is in! USC will provide many interdisciplinary opportunities for intense study, global travel and faculty partnerships. These days, a student can blend their interests with leading edge research and industry knowledge at USC. This is why the hard work pays off!

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