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BAA Signature Piece: Leadership, Legacy and Scholarship - Mira Gandy

This piece titled "Legacy" is an expression of our ancestors of the past, mentors of the present and the future leaders of tomorrow.

In creating this piece Mira aimed to convey the legacy and leadership of the BAA from a broad perspective using the painting as a visual interpretation of the profound effects the work of the BAA has on the lives of indivduals from generation to generation.

 The three figures in the painting represent the interconnectedness of the past, present and future and this is reflected in the blending of black, white and color on their faces. Each figure is reflecting on the legacy that has been carried on.

The interweaving of the vibrant colors in the background creates a tapestry symbolizing our African heritage and rich culture. Upon completion of this piece Mira was inspired to write a Haiku poem to accompany the painting.

In honor of you
Eyes look back remembering
My future awaits

Mira's hope is that those who view this painting feel “uplifted”-- "I was proud to be a BAA scholar and honored to have been asked to create this work of art for my BAA family."  Mira's painting hangs in the USC BAA Office entry, at the Ron Tutor Campus Center, Suite 323.

Mira Gandy transferred to USC in fall 2008 and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2010. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from West Los Angeles College and was the recipient of the Isabel Shane Memorial Scholarship 2007 award for outstanding artist of the year. At USC, Mira was a member of the Dr. Thomas Kilgore Honor Society, and a BAA Scholar.  Since graduation, Mira continues to build her resume through her art that remains socially conscious.  She has created successful gallery exhibits in New York and also throughout the Southern California, showcasing her work.  A BAA Scholarship for a USC Fine Arts student was created in her honor.