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Founded in 1976 by Rev. Dr. Thomas Kilgore, Jr., The USC Black Alumni Association is a leadership network established to strengthen the legacy of educational attainment and excellence of USC black students. The BAA provides scholarship assistance; career mentoring and cultural advocacy through alumni volunteer involvement, philanthropy, and social enterprise.  Governance for its mission, partnerships and financial decisions is provided by the Executive Director and the BAA Advisory Council.

BAA Scholars are represented in nearly 100% of USC schools, to also include the Keck Medical School, Gould School of Law, and the Ostrow School of Dentistry. The BAA scholarship is awarded based on both financial need and merit considerations. It is applied for and awarded annually. BAA scholarship awards are matched on a 2:1 basis for undergraduate students—where for example, a $500.00 contribution would become a $1500.00 scholarship award, with the match available for the first $1,000 awarded per student. While the matching award is not available for graduate scholarships, the USC BAA is one of the few USC organizations to offer scholarships for graduate level students.

Scholarship awards are only provided through the generosity of donor contributions to our Annual Scholarship Fund, or specific Named Endowments. 

In addition to providing scholarships, the BAA is intentional about networking and opportunities for competitive access for our students and alumni. There is specific programming by BAA Committees that focuses directly upon workforce success and leadership for future alumni, especially offered through our "Legacy Through Leadership" initiative programs.

Please join us throughout the academic year for our networking mixers, alumni salons, signature events and opportunities to get involved with BAA Scholars. Contact us directly at or call 213-740-8342 to speak with someone directly about your involvement or becoming a donor. FIGHT ON!