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For new students entering USC for the first time...
New students entering USC for the first time should refer to for complete details regarding online placement tests. Some important information about online tests:
  • Students can take the math test and chemistry test online.
    • There will be time set aside during freshman orientation to take foreign language placement tests proctored through the Language Center
  • Students will be able to access their online test scores at the Orientation website.
  • The placement results from both the online tests and the paper and pencil tests are accessible to advisers.
  • Students with disabilities must contact Disability Services and Programs at to make arrangements for testing at least one week prior to the scheduled test dates.

For continuing students...
For continuing students
  • Onlne testing is only available to incomming students.
  • A USC ID is required to take math and chemistry paper and pencil tests.
  • Test dates, times, locations, and descriptions can be found here.
  • A 60-minute math test and 30 minute chemistry test will be administered paper and pencil on those dates.
  • Students must wait one semester before retaking any placement exam.
  • Hard copies of the results are issued through the Center for Testing and Assessment, no results over the phone. The results are accessible to advisers, language, and science departments.

Important Information:

  • There are no fees for the placement tests.
  • Results from paper and pencil the placement tests must be picked up in person at our office in STU 301.
  • A picture ID is required. No results are given over the phone.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the test.
  • The test administrations can take up to 2 hours, so plan accordingly.
  • If you need testing accommodations, please contact Disability Services and Programs at least one week before the test date.
  • All foreign language exams will be offered through the language center.
  • Math and Chemestry exams may not be repeated online.
  • However, all online tests may be repeated on paper and pencil during Welcome Week in August.
  • For further information about the tests, please contact the Center for Testing and Assessment at (213) 740-7116 or