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General Questions

Where is the Center for Testing and Assessment located?
The Center for Testing and Assessment is located in the STU 301 at the corner of Childs Way and Trousdale Parkway on the main campus.
What are the directions to the campus?
Click here for directions and maps to the campus.
Which entrance on campus is closest to the Center for Testing and Assessment?
Gate 2 off of Exposition Blvd.
Can you mail me an application/information bulletin for a national test?

We do not mail out any applications/information bulletins.

You may pick one up at the Center for Testing and Assessment during office hours.

Do you offer any preparation classes?
No, the Center for Testing and Assessment is not involved in any preparation classes nor does it have any information on them. Please contact the National Testing Agencies for more information.

Placement Tests

What tests do I need to take?

Information on Math tests
From Orientation:

Information on Chemistry Tests
From department:
From Orientation:

Information on Foreign Language tests
From Orientation:

Consult an advisor in your academic department for further information.

If I took AP or IB courses in high school or took a class at another school, do I still need to take a placement test?

The Articulation website has information on both AP tests and IB tests.

Consult an advisor in your academic department for further information.

Is there a fee for the placement tests?
There is no fee to take the tests.
When can I take the placement tests?
The foreign language placement tests are given on scheduled test dates.
The math and chemistry placement tests are given on scheduled test dates.
How do I register for a placement test?
No registration is necessary for foreign language exams unless noted otherwise.

To register for math and for chemistry simply email with the followng information:
  • Your Name
  • Your USC Email
  • The testing date you would like to take.
  • The test you would like to reserve.
What should I bring to the test?
Bring the following:
  • USC ID (or a photo ID and acceptance letter to USC if you have not received an ID card)
  • two No. 2 pencils
  • a pen

Calculators are NOT allowed.

How and when can I get my test results?

Results are ready by the next business day and may be picked up at the Center for Testing and Assessment in person with a picture ID.

For math and chemistry the results CANNOT be given over the phone.

Results from the foreign language placement tests will be uploaded to your student record

If I took a placement test before, when can I repeat the test?

Math, Chemistry and Foreign Language may only be taken once every 6 months.

Math and chemistry may be taken once a semester.

How long are my placement test scores valid for?

Math and Chemistry results have no time limit.

Foreign language results are valid for 1 year from test date.

Proctoring Outside Exams

How to do I sign up for proctoring of an outside USC exam?
Please go to the Proctoring Outside Exam page and send an e-mail to with the information listed including - but not limited to - name, email, exam length, and preferred test date and time.
How long does it take to schedule an exam?

After filling out the form, it usually takes 1-2 business days to get in contact with you.

Proctoring requests must be received at least 2 weeks before your exam.

During peak times (midterms, finals, etc.) space can fill up quickly so please plan accordingly.

Where will I go for the exam?

You will check in at STU 301 (Student Union 301) located on the USC campus. From there, you will be directed to a testing room.

Is there a fee?

Yes, there is a fee of $25/hour for the proctoring of outside exams.

Grading Exams

Where do I drop off the exams?

Exams can be dropped off in STU301 anytime between 8:30am-5pm.

Please make sure that your Key is filled out correctly.

Who can drop off the exams?

Professors, TAs, Student Assistants, and Staff are all acceptable.

Please make sure to bring an ID when dropping off exams.

Does the professor have to pick up the exams?
No. Whoever is picking up the exam needs to be bring an ID when signing the exams out.
How long does it take for the exams to be graded?
Exams are usually available within 24 hours.
Can I ask for item analysis?


Item analysis allows the professor to see the percentage of students that answered each question correctly and also the percentage of students that chose each answer choice. With this information, it is possible to assess the quality of the test items and of the exam as a whole.

Can I get the results through e-mail?
Results are available in person and the Data Request and Faculty Scoring site.