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Document Scanning Services

The Center for Testing and Assessment provides

  • Document scanning, data analysis and report generation for evaluations, surveys and classroom applications.
  • Different forms are available for use through the Center for Testing and Assessment.
  • Surveys that require further customized forms can be ordered through Scantron.

For any new surveys or data collection projects, please contact the Center for Testing and Assessment for prior approval. If you have any questions regarding the use of the Scantron forms please call (213) 740-7166.

We do not sell or have equipment to scan Alternate forms. Please call the Center for Testing and Assessment with questions if you have different forms.

Please call the Center for Testing and Assessment at (213)740-7166 to arrange an order for pickup of Scantron sheets. They cost $70 dollar/box (500 sheets) and the prices all scoring and handling of the sheets.

Below are samples of the forms that are currently available for use on our scanning machine. These forms can be purchased from our office using an internal requisition. All forms must be completed using a No. 2 pencil only; answers marked in pen will not be read. To see a larger view of the form click on the image.

Scantron Blue Answer Sheet
Maximum of 200 questions (100 on each side), 5 choices (lettered A-E and numbered 1-5) per question

(front) (back)

Scantron Green Answer Sheet
Maximum of 120 questions (60 on each side), 10 choices (both lettered and numbered) per question

(front) (back)