Center for Testing and Assessment

Data Request and Faculty Scoring


The Center for Testing and Assessment provides assessment, testing services and accommodations for students, faculty and staff. Within these services are Data and Research Requests and Faculty Scoring Requests.

Data and Research Request Form

If you would like our office to provide data, additonal analysis, research or assessment consultation, or other information, please utilize our online Data and Faculty Scoring Request Form. This will best allow us to manage requests, complete those requests in a timely manner, and maintain confidential data.

Faculty Scoring Requests

Faculty can drop off Scantrons for exams, quizzes, surveys and classroom applications to be scored by our Office. The turn-around time for scoring is usually 24-hours.

Many faculty request an electronic copy of scores for their own use. To help with security and speed up the process, we are now offering this service through an online drop-box. All that needs to be done is click on the form below, create an account and fill out the form with the appropriate information. When your scores are ready, you will receive an e-mail about how to log-in and retrieve your scores.

You will still need to come into the office to pick up Scantrons and item analysis within a few days of scoring.

If you would like to be able to pick up the scoring results electronically, please fill out our Data and Faculty Scoring Request Form.

Please check out the Document Scanning Services page for further questions such as forms that can be scanned and cost.