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General Academic Support Counseling

Students new to USC or experiencing academic difficulty can meet one-on-one for a consultation with an Academic Support Counselor. During the consultation, the Counselor will discuss with the student strategies for making a successful transition to USC and what pitfalls to avoid. For returning students experiencing academic difficulty, the Counselor will work with the student to identify what challenges he or she is facing and identify areas for improvement.

In both cases, the Academic Support Counselor will review academic success strategies such as: study strategies, time management, how to design a balanced course load, and how to balance school with other commitments. Additionally, the Counselor will make appropriate referrals to other on-campus support services including, but not limited to: tutoring, learning assistance, learning enrichment workshops, academic advisement, career planning, student support groups and the counseling center.

To schedule a consultation, please call the Center for Academic Support at: (213) 740-0776 or