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Undergraduate Success Program

Located in the Center for Academic Support, the Undergraduate Success Program is dedicated to supporting students who have graduated from the University of Southern California’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative program and have been admitted to the university as an NAI Scholar.

Program Information

The Undergraduate Success Program provides academic support to students who have successfully completed the Neighborhood Academic Initiative (NAI) program and have been admitted with a nine-semester scholarship to the University of Southern California. This group of primarily first-generation college students were admitted to the university after completing a rigorous course of study throughout their middle and high school years in the NAI program, which is offered to residents in USC's surrounding community. These studies include college enrichment courses and an intensive Saturday Academy held at the USC campus that focuses on writing and math.

Upon their admission to the university, NAI scholars become part of the Undergraduate Success Program. USP offers a network of support for the continued educational, emotional, and social needs of this select group of talented students throughout their tenure at USC. Support services include regular meetings with program counselors to discuss their academic progress and performance, intervention strategies to assist students with the successful completion of their courses and degree programs, and workshops designed to facilitate student transition from high school to college. USP provides for these students' continued informational needs with regard to academic programs, time management, and career options.

Serving as a crucial link between the NAI scholars and the USC community, USP also provides individual referrals to faculty and other university resources that offer specialized assistance with various issues. Additionally, students may participate in the USP mentoring program, which pairs incoming NAI scholars with advanced scholars who can assist with issues related to the transition to college and guide students with the insights they have gained through their experiences and successes at USC. Through these various services, the Undergraduate Success Program is committed to assisting the NAI scholars as they pursue their career goals.

Contact Information

For more information regarding this program please contact the Center for Academic Support at (213) 740-0776.

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Undergraduate Success Program

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