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How do I know if I have a disability?
To best determine if you have a disability, it is best for you to come into our office (301 Student Union) and have a talk with one of our Disability Counselors. They will be able to discuss any academic difficulties you may be having and if they might be a result of a disability.

What kinds of accommodations do you offer?
In most cases we offer about ten varying accommodations to help level the playing field for students with differing abilities. This is not to give students an advantage over other students, but rather to negate the affect of a documented disability.

What is required to receive accommodations?
Proper testing (varies by disability) is required to be registered with our office. The initial registration procedure requires documentation from a doctor or other appropriate testing body, in addition to the completion of about 10 minutes of paperwork. Once we have received these two portions of your file, we will send it to one of our director’s who will review the accommodations you have requested and send it back to the counselor’s office so letters can be printed for your professors.

How long is the registration process?
This initial registration procedure takes about 5 business days however when you re-register each semester the process may be quicker depending upon your accommodation requests.

Do you test here at USC?
Unfortunately we do not test here at USC. However we do have an extensive referral list of testing agencies in the Greater Los Angeles area that can be picked up from our office in 301 Student Union.

Your website doesn’t answer my question, what should I do?
If you have any further questions not answered by our website, please contact us at (213) 740-0776 or email us at