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Disability Services and Programs (DSP)
provides support services to enable students with disabilities to develop their academic potential, while having the dignity of working toward an independent lifestyle. Services for students with physical, psychological and learning disabilities include:

  • Assistance in providing readers, scribes, note-takers and interpreters
  • Advocacy with faculty
  • Special accommodations for test-taking needs
  • Auxiliary aid and equipment loans
  • Assistance with architectural barriers
  • Information on accessible seating at USC sporting events
  • Assistive technology
  • Support for individual needs
  • Information on various disabilities

Disability Services and Programs
Director: Edward Roth, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Mattie E. Grace, Ph.D.

(213) 740-0776
(213) 740-6948 (TDD only)
(213) 740-8216 (FAX)

University of Southern California
Student Union 301
Los Angeles , CA 90089-0896