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The use of an in-class student note-taker is an accommodation that can be requested by students registered with Disability Services and Programs (DSP). Students approved for this accommodation ideally receive notes from a professor, teaching assistant, or student already associated with the course. When a note-taker cannot be found, then students eligible for this accommodation should contact their instructor or department to discuss possible alternatives. Students in the Law School should contact the department regarding all accommodation needs.


  1. Student registers with Disability Services and Programs (DSP) for the current semester and requests a note-taker as an accommodation. The note-taker is for in-class activities.
  2. DSP reviews the case and prepares two letters: (a) a letter detailing the accommodations approved by DSP for the student, and (b) a “Note-Taking Accommodation” letter with instructions for the faculty member.
  3. Accommodation letters (available on-line) are shared by the student with either the instructor or appropriate department contact person for each course for which accommodations are requested.
  4. Eligible students will receive notes from the instructor, TA, or a note-taker. DSP students can access the note-taker’s notes from their DSP profile.
  5. Faculty members who choose to find a note-taker, can make an announcement in their course or send an e-mail to the students at the beginning of each semester stating that there is a student in the class registered with Disability Services and Programs who is in need of a student note-taker. Any interested student should email with questions. Professor announcements MUST be anonymous and SHOULD NOT include the name or any identifying information of the DSP student.
  6. At the end of the semester note-takers receive a token of our appreciation on their USCard.  The amount is between $50-100 based on (a) number of notes and classes for which they are taking notes, (b) quality of notes, (c) consistency, and (d) student need.
  7. When difficulty finding a note-taker arises, the DSP student should contact the professor or appropriate department contact person. The goal is for everyone to work together to help find a note-taker. This goal typically cannot be met without the assistance of the faculty member.


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