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  • At the beginning of each semester, if not sooner, students need to register or re-register with Disability Services and Programs (DSP). This is done online through our website. Visit our How To Register page online.

  • Students can login and/or create themselves as a new user to update their profile, make accommodation requests, list classes, and print accommodation letters. Student Log-in

  • DSP requires current documentation for disabilities before we review pending requests. Visit our page detailing our Guidelines for Documentation.

  • Student will then meet with each of faculty member to share “Accommodation Letters” and to discuss necessary accommodations. It is important to discuss the syllabus for the class and to figure out how recommended accommodations will be met by the faculty member and/or department. Please consider all appropriate needs for exams (space, time, proctoring). This meeting should be at the beginning of the semester or as soon as possible after accommodation letters have been generated.

  • Faculty should contact DSP immediately if an accommodation is considered unreasonable (because it fundamentally alters the requirements of the course).


  • It is the responsibility of the faculty member and/or department to provide testing accommodations recommended by DSP. Each faculty member should contact their department to find out what resources are available for administering these accommodations. Based on the availability of these resources, the faculty member should clearly communicate any needs for advance notification. It is still the responsibility of the student, however, to make their request/s in a timely manner.

  • If the faculty member and department are unable to provide the necessary testing accommodations, the student may schedule testing at DSP. This will require a Request for Proctoring Services form commonly referred to as a “Blue Sheet” because of the colored paper it is printed on. For specific details, guidelines, and deadlines please refer to the Request for Proctoring Services form.

    : Proctoring for students requiring only extra time should ideally be handled by faculty and/or academic departments. Please explore options before asking for DSP assistance. If DSP is unable to assist with a proctoring request then the academic department and/or faculty member will be contacted immediately.

  • If options one and two are not feasible, please contact DSP immediately to discuss possible options.



  • A request form must be delivered in person by the student prior to the deadline indicated on the form.

  • Students will receive confirmation receipts for their requests. The receipt should be brought by the student on the day of testing. This will help resolve any potential scheduling errors.

  • Students are expected to arrive around 15 minutes early for testing with DSP. When an exam needs to be delivered by the student it is their responsibility to arrange a start time that allows for timely transportation to DSP.

  • Photo ID (Student Identification Card/Driver’s License/Passport/Military ID) should be ready when arriving at DSP.

  • Students are responsible for bringing professor approved materials such as calculators, scantrons, blue-books, open notes, open books, formula sheets, etc., unless otherwise stated and planned for.

  • All other materials (backpacks, notebooks, cell phones) not approved for testing must be kept away from the testing area. For testing at the DSP office, there is a shelf designed for storing these types of materials. DSP will not be monitoring this and other areas though and will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.



For classes with Pop Quizzes this possibility should be discussed by the Student and Professor or authorized TA. Should the student want to take these Pop Quizzes with DSP the following should be done.

  1. Student should fill out the top portion of the Request for Proctoring Services form and give this to the Professor or authorized TA.

  2. The Professor or authorized TA can then use this form, or copies of it, to fill out the bottom portion. In the additional instructions “POP QUIZ” should be clearly written.

  3. This form, now completed, can be delivered to DSP by the Professor or authorized TA. This will be the only instance where the student is not required to turn in the form. The same deadlines listed on the form, however, will still apply.

  4. DSP will schedule the Pop Quiz and the student will not be notified.



In order to uphold the academic integrity of every exam, the following requirements must be upheld and enforced. There are no exceptions.

  • Testing times are scheduled based on the agreement made between student and professor or authorized TA. This is not a flexible time that can be changed without required notice. Our schedule requires timely arrival and departure. Students are expected to arrive on time.

  • Testing will not be allowed without permission from the Professor or authorized TA in the event that a student arrives more than 15 minutes late.

  • Late arrival time may also be counted against the total scheduled time.

  • If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late, without prior notification, they may also risk losing their scheduled time altogether.

  • DSP is responsible for providing reasonable accommodations in a timely manner. Noncompliance on the part of the student with the above stated guidelines and with other DSP guidelines and procedures may result in delays in or denial of the provision of accommodations.



There are three ways for a test to be delivered to DSP and two methods for a test to leave. Every test that arrives at and leaves DSP requires a signature.


  • Professor/TA delivery: Any authorized staff member (office assistants, teacher assistants, professors, etc.) will deliver the test to DSP.

  • Professor/TA email: The test will be delivered to DSP via and after the day of testing the email with the test will be deleted.

  • Student delivery: The test will be placed in a sealed envelope so that it can be picked up and delivered to DSP by the student. When this method of delivery is chosen please plan for the time that it will take for the student to transport themselves to DSP.


  • Professor/TA pickup: Any authorized staff member (office assistants, teacher assistants, professors, etc.) will pickup the test from DSP.

  • Student return: The professor or authorized TA will indicate a location on the Request form. The student will sign for the sealed test from DSP and return it to the established location.


  • Changes that alter the time or day for a test must be received one week prior to testing and will require a Rescheduling form. Exceptions will only be made with good reason and will be based on the availability of space.

  • If the day of the originally scheduled test has already passed then it is too late to turn in a Reschedule form. In this instance, a new Request for Proctoring Service must be made. It is important for DSP to be notified when exams are cancelled and/or rescheduled.

  • For all other changes to the test that will not alter the time or day, we will require three business days. Such changes include the need for audio/video devices, specific software, open book/notes, etc.

  • Changes in how the test is delivered can be made up until the time of the exam.



  • For testing that will include and/or require graphs, charts, diagrams, illustrations, internet access, audio/video components, musical excerpts, or any other special requirement, this must be clearly illustrated in the Request Form and/or be included within the exam. For instance, should there be Powerpoint slides needed for testing, DSP recommends they be printed out and included with the test along with any necessary instructions. DSP has a very limited access to internet ready computers, thus, this need must clearly be detailed in the request.



  • If your student requires a listening comprehension section and the faculty member will not be able to administer the exam then DSP recommends the listening passage be recorded onto either a CD or cassette tape. The student will then be able to listen to the section in a comparable way to other students in the course.



  • By testing with DSP a student promises that their work will be conducted with complete academic honesty with the aim to provide appropriate respect and concern for the test and testing accommodations provided. If expected to deliver the exam to DSP, and or return the completed exam to the professor, the student promises to do this in a timely and academically honest way. Any failures to comply with this high standard will be directed immediately to Judicial Affairs.



  • Should there be any difficulties or questions, please contact DSP immediately for assistance. Exam Staff can be reached by phoning 213-821-6368 or by emailing